We As Lovers

This delicious pain,
We have found each other,
We are one
Under this illusion of separation.

We do not compete each other,
We realize that completion is found inside,
Not outside ourselves, through each other.

I love you,
With all of my heart,
With every fiber of my being,
With every cell of my body,
With the last vestiges of my energy,
With the very essence of who I am,
This presence that is within me,
That has been with me,
Since before I met you.

And you love me,
In exactly the same way,
In this present moment,
We are complete,
Each inside ourselves,
Functioning as a single unit,
This illusion of separation,
Has been shattered.

We are here,
In this moment, together,
Moment by moment,
Enjoying this togetherness.

If you should no longer be with me,
I will not be somehow less,
I can never loose you,
As I never owned you,
In the first place,
And you were never mine,
All I had was our moments,
These moments we shared,
And that is enough.

Should I no longer be with you,
You will be OK,
You never lost me,
I never lost you,
I never left,
Only this shell,
This body,
Is no longer there,
But you still have,
All those moments we shared.

This is love, true love, real love,
Love held loosely,
Like a handful of sand,
No grasping, no attachment,
Always thankful,appreciative,
Admitting, accepting, allowing,
Being authentic and honest
With each other,
In the expression,
Of our feelings and thoughts.

I love you, my beloved,
Although we have not yet met,
I know that someday we shall,
And I will love you, moment by moment,
For all the moments we have together.

I will not look to you to complete me,
I will not expect of you anything more,
Than you be yourself,
That you feel what you feel,
Think what you think,
Believe what you believe,
Never needing to protect any image,
Of yourself to me,
Never having to have an image,
In the first place.

You are allowed to be,
Who you truly are inside,
One with God,
Connected to life,
Connected to me,
We have always been together,
Even when this was not physically so,
I have always been with you,
You have always been with me,
And we have always been one,
With that energy.

Which in expressing itself,
Brought us into this world,
To experience what it is like,
To be physical, seemingly separate,
Instead of pure energy,
Always singular, connected, whole.

This life we are sharing together,
Is an experience,
Our experience as lovers.


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