Seeking Clarity

In “The Deepest Acceptance” Jeff Foster tells me that I do not control my life. That suffering comes, essentially, from trying to control my life. Because I am really trying to protect my story of my life. As long as I believe in some sort of story that I call my life, suffering is the end result.

According to Mr. Foster all things are allowed in the “Ocean of Life.” These things that happen in life are only waves on the ocean. The ocean has already accepted these waves. So trying to deny a pain wave, or a suffering wave, or any other wave labeled as undesirable will cause suffering, because it has already been accepted.

I am paraphrasing here, and maybe not saying things as clearly as he says them. But the gist of it, to my understanding, is that I am not in control of my life, and that whatever happens, from falling in love or being tortured somewhere, is accepted by life. That I am life, and whatever happens to this body and its story that I call my life, does not actually affect who I am at all.

According to Mr. Foster I am one with the ocean. I am one with the waves on the ocean. I only have to deal with something right now, in this present moment. Whatever happens in this moment is already accepted by life, or else it would not happen.

Still there is something here I do not understand. I do not have any doubt that Mr. Foster is sharing Truth. But how does this work with someone like Mr. Wayne Dyer? I am reading his book, “I Can See Clearly Now” and it is apparent to be that Mr. Dyer’s whole life has been a story. His story of “my life.” It is all about being in control, firmly keeping something in mind, being unwavering towards this goal, and having an “Absolute Knowing.”

If I am to go by Mr. Dyer’s teachings, I do control my life. I write its story, and I see that this story is what manifests. I just have to have this absolute knowing and firmly keep the image, the vision, of what I want in my mind.

So which of these men is correct? Or are they both speaking Truth, and I am simply missing how it fits together? If both of these men are giving the pieces of the understanding I need for my own life, how do I put this all together? How do I reconcile trying with acceptance, admitting and allowing?

Mr. Dyer is supported by a host of Hay House authors and the text, “A Course in Miracles.” Jeff Foster is supported by authors like Jeff Goldsmith and one interpretation of the Bible. Each of these people, and those authors who share similar teachings, all seem to have “it” figure out. But I am still lost, confused, and filled with uncertainty.

What is the best way to work with that energy inside me, that may be one with me, so that I can manifest in my life the things I need and want? What is the complete picture of the Truth here? How can I come to the place where I am able to follow the lessons in Pam Grout’s, “E-Squared”, for example, and manifest, within the time limit of each lab, whatever has been requested?

Because if I can do that, I can confidently move forward in life, following what calls to me, what speaks to me, inside, and know that everything is provided. Without this I can only my forward in fear and uncertainty. I can only show faith by acting like I have it, I would rather have faith, and this absolute knowing that Mr. Dyer speaks of,. How do I acquire this? Or, if this is someone I must become, how do I do so?

How do I move from saying, “The Source provides” and trusting in this, to not even having to say it, because I know it for a fact?


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