Thoughts On Thoughts

For some time I said that, “Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.” This was adopted from the spiritual teachings I had been reading at the time. Writers in the “New Thought” movement and their later, mostly Hay House published, iterations.

Before adopting this belief I didn’t really give much thought to my thoughts. As far as I was concerned, being a Christian at that time, God was in charge. It was all God, what was or was not God’s Will, and I only had the illusion of free will. I mean as a Christian, choosing God’s straight and narrow way over the other way that led, ultimately, to hell was not much of a choice!

Now, at this moment, I have to let go of this belief, as I let go of those former Christian beliefs. It’s time to adopt another, to test it and see if it proves True. Now I will say, “The Thoughts You Believe Define The Reality You Experience.”

What does this mean, you may ask? I am by no means any authority here. I am learning as I go, the same as everyone else. To me this statement means that when I walk into the world, I do not see the world as it is. I see what I think about the world. I have names, labels, for everything in the world. Something flies overhead, I look up, see the form, and name it bird. All I know about bird are my stories about it, typically based on my past experiences or memories of them, or adopted from things I have seen on TV or heard from others. I never experience this thing I label as bird as what it is. I only ever experience my thoughts, specifically the thoughts I believe, about it.

While I have not yet experienced this myself, from what I understand, the Truth about the creature labeled as bird is that it is God playing as a bird, manifesting in bird from. Everything around me is God, playing different roles, from myself as a human being in a body with a name attached to the grass I am walking on.

If this is True, then it seems to me that enlightenment is when we no longer experience the thoughts we believe about things, but see them as they are, beyond the illusion, beyond God playing at them, to God itself, the energy that we are all individual manifestations of. My guess is an enlightened person, when experiencing something flying overhead, looks up and smiles, seeing God there. They are seeing the Truth of what its, not the thoughts they believe about it.

That seems to fit the word enlightenment. We could call it “clear seeing” or “True seeing.” It is enlightened seeing, seeing illuminated by Truth. I use the capital T here to separate truth, which is man’s truth, with Truth, which is God’s Truth.

I am not enlightened, so I do not speak from experience, and am only really guessing here. But if this is what enlightenment is, then the simplest way to become enlightened is not to go seeking this experience, but to somehow figure out how to let go of the thoughts you believe in about things and instead see things as they are.

This explains perhaps why you read about or hear so much concerning the ego in spiritual teachings. You can not, as far as I know, see things as they really are as long as you are seeing them through the ego. All these thoughts you believe in come from and are developed and maintained by your ego, which serves to separate you. As long as you are separate from God you are probably going to be separate from True seeing. So as long as you have an ego you can not have enlightenment.

Somehow we have to learn to stop thinking, and believing the thoughts, that we are separate waves in the ocean and see ourselves as the ocean. We also have to stop seeing the world around us, and our experiences in it, as separate waves in the ocean and instead see all that is as the ocean. Once we experience our oneness as Truth we can see clearly, we have Truth illuminated seeing, this experience we have labeled enlightenment.

The ocean is of course God. All of this assuming that anything I have said here is Truth, that all of the teachings with say this are True. I can not, and will not, claim any of this to be Truth because I have not experienced these things as Truth.

But I have set my intention to merge with God, to become one with God, to see the world as it is, not what I believe or think it is. I do not know how this happens. I only know that any doing on my part is not the way. This is something I have to become, I have to realize, and I have no idea how this becoming or realizing happens. All I can say with some certainty that Allowing, Openness and Receptivity are the first steps towards the Truth.


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