The Key Is To Stop Trying

For a long time I put lucid dreaming and astral projection on a pedestal. I gave these experiences value and meaning. I gave them their sense of importance to me. I placed them up so high I could not longer reach them, and I did not even know this is what I had done.

I realized last night what I had been doing. I had been trying to lucid dream, trying to astral project. The act of trying implies some effort is needed. The act of trying also allows for failure or success. What I had done was to make it very hard for me to lucid dream or astral project, and I had allowed for a possibility of failure or success. This affected not only my ability to lucid dream or astral project, it also affected my general process of recording my dreams.

I never put recording my dreams on some pedestal. This was something I just did. I stopped, some time ago, worrying about whether or not I recalled my dreams. I just simply got up, recorded what I could remember, and kept an attitude that if I remember nothing at that moment, that I would remember later. No value was placed on remembering my dreams. This was also something I just did.

I just remembered, like I knew that I would, and what happened? I remembered. Sometimes I would be well into my day, once or twice nearing the end of my day, and a dream memory or fragment would come to me. I would record that dream memory or fragment, and I was always thankful that this worked this way. So I had an attitude of gratitude and appreciation.

If I were to apply this process to lucid dreaming and astral projection I would find myself lucid dreaming and astral projecting more often. If I stopped looking at these experiences as some valuable treasure to attain, and saw them as something I just did, with no attachment to doing them, no order of importance given to them, then I would find myself lucid dreaming and astral projecting on a regular basis.

I have to take these experiences off the pedestal before I can reach them. I know that I am right on this, because when I read the accounts of someone like Mr. Monroe. I discover that, in many cases, the person was not trying to project or lucid dream, they just did. They were not seeking these experiences, they just happened. They just came to them.

We can apply these same principles to the process of demonstrating or manifesting something. If we understand that the world is an illusion, then we know that everything in the world has exactly the same real value. A house is no more valuable than a pencil. The value of a house compared to a pencil is assigned to these objects by us. We decide what has more or less value. Or society decides it and we go along with that decision.

This means that we can come before whatever or whoever we call the energy I refer to as the Source and ask for anything. It does not matter what we ask for. There is nothing easier or harder for this energy to demonstrate or manifest through us. To this energy there are no orders of difficulty or importance. It is all the same. Everything in this world is just human illusion, the value of any objects in it exist only in human mentality. So you could ask for a purple feather, following Pam Grout’s exercises in E-Squared, and it is no different to the Source than asking for a house.

If we make a request without attaching any order of difficulty or importance to it then our request will be granted. We must make the request knowing this. We must act like we have faith even if we do not, acting like we have faith works like having faith. We must not be attached to the demonstration or manifestation of the requested thing. We must simply make or request and let it go. In short, we should not do anything to try to demonstrate or manifest a request. We are not the ones demonstrating or manifesting. It is the energy working through you that demonstrates or manifests. We just need to get out of the way.

We can state an intention in the same way as we would make a request. No order of difficulty or value. We make the intention to lucid dream or astral project, then we let it go. We don’t worry about whether or not we will. We go to sleep knowing we will. And the more we practice this knowing, this faith, or acting as if we have faith, the stronger the knowing becomes. Eventually we go to bed at night knowing we lucid dream, knowing that we leave our bodies, and knowing we remember these experiences.

We do not know we take control of our dreams, because this implies something outside of ourselves originally has control. This gives this force power and makes it a struggle for us to gain control of our dreams. Also if there is a reality of gain there is a reality of loss, and if there is a reality of control there is a reality of no control. Better to simply know we lucid dream, not that we take control of our dreams.

These things become what we do, not what we try to do. We do not try to demonstrate or manifest. We do not try to lucid dream or astral project. In the trying we imply effort and we put ourselves in the way. No, these are simply things we do. We approach it with the same knowing we have that the sun will come up tomorrow. Nobody stays awake all night worrying if the sun will rise. Most people probably don’t even think about it. They go to bed, get up, and looking outside, there is the sun, or its light, hiding behind the clouds. We don’t think we lost the sun just because it is hidden behind clouds. We know the sun is still there, beyond the clouds.

It is a similar knowing that we must have when we set our intention to lucid dream or astral project, or to demonstrate or manifest something. It is also a deeper knowing, because maybe someday the sun will not be there. Of course if that day comes, perhaps we will not be on earth or alive. But if we are still alive in some physical sense, sun or no sun, that same knowing applies to our intentions and requests.

When we can set an intention or make a request without attaching any sort of value, order of difficulty or order of importance to it, our intention or request is granted. It is when we stop trying and get out of the way that things happen. When we simply become people who lucid dream, astral project, demonstrate or manifest, these experiences come easily to use, effortlessly. These are the things we do, they just happen, we know they happen. It is in this state that we can accomplish anything and experience miracles.

Using a Christian example that I have used before, there was a woman who was sick, and Jesus was passing by. She reached out to touch his robe. She had a knowing that if she reached out and touched Jesus’s robe, she would be healed.

She did not try to reach out to Jesus’s robe. She didn’t freeze up in fear because she had attached some value to her suffering or Jesus’s robe. She reached out, and when her hand touched Jesus’s robe, the instant it did so, she was healed. Jesus said nothing to her. He did not try to heal her. He felt his power being used, and knew someone had been healed, so he turned, saw the lady, and what did he say? “Your faith has made you well.”

Jesus did not heal this lady! Her faith healed her! How’s that for a mind-bender? The healing was powered by the energy that left Jesus, but it would not have healed the lady if she had been trying to be healed, or had she given her healing any sort of order of difficulty, importance or value.

She simply reached out, hoping and knowing she would be healed, just by touching Jesus’s robe, and the energy that left Jesus, that He was the channel it flowed through, was able to enter her and heal her. Her faith, her knowing, allowed that energy to heal her.

Whether or not this is a true story, this is the example we should all follow. We reach out with our intention or request, having faith, knowing, that the thing will happen, demonstrate, or manifest. The energy flows from the Source into us and is allowed to bring this about, because of our faith and knowing.

To put it simply, the key is to stop trying!


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