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As posted in a YouTube comment…

For the record, I am not a Christian. I was, for over 20 years. Turning my back on something that had become a part of my identity was one of the hardest things I have ever done. It came about due to certain experiences I went through.

In my reading and study, as I forge my own spiritual path, outside of any and all religion, I have come to understand that God, or as I refer to this energy, the Source, does not cause suffering. It did not create disease, it is not responsible for any of the things mankind has experienced that it would label as negative.

We have free will. There is action and consequence. Assuming the Source, the originating energy we are all a part of and connected to, is the originator of all life, it merely created a universal law, what a Buddhist might call karma or a Christian judgment.

The truth is there is no ego involved here. God, whatever He, She or It is, more than likely, being perfect, has gone beyond any sort of ego. That is my view. This is why I had to leave the Christian faith. I wanted to stop putting God in a box. I wanted a bigger view of God. I like the idea of a creative, loving energy that simply continues to love and create, without any sort of bias, criticism, judgment, or anything else that a human, having an ego, would express.

It all comes down to our thoughts, which create our reality, and our perceptions, which color that reality. Cancer, for example, is a symptom of an internal cause, and i think this comes from suffering or worry, especially directed in some way at something related to the physical body, as this is what most humans perceive as being “real.”

My grandmother used to complain, and still does occasionally, that, “I wasn’t able to get much good out of that…” and “I couldn’t chew that…” She developed cancer in her stomach area, twice. Someone my brother knew, a sort of father figure, recently died of prostrate cancer. He was, as far as I know, worried about his children. I have a skin yeast infection. It has recently come to my attention that I may be improvising myself, that I may not be comfortable in my own skin.

I can not say I have all the answers here. But I feel that humanity is responsible for itself and its own individual or collective actions. The Source is not to blame. The Source did not create the atomic bomb or send anyone out to war. It did not create disease or anything else. We get sick because we do not have a mindset of wellness. We go to war because we do not have a mindset of peace. We hate because we do not have a mindset of love. Our mindsets are our responsibility.

Finally we must address perception here. Whether a thing is good or bad is a matter of perception. We see a man shoot someone. We think the action is bad. That the man is guilty, a murderer. Then we discover that he was defending a baby. Or the person was suffering terribly and dying of something incurable. Now what do we think? The man who did the shooting is still a killer, but is he now good or bad? We are divided.

So it is with all that happens to us. The things that happen to us will affect is based on our interpretation of them. But at the core the energy is still the same. It has no bias, no criticism, no judgment. It is the energy of a consequence. It has no ego attached. No human qualities, therefore no human flaws. The action happens, the consequence is the result, those involved and those witnessing interpret the events and based on their perceptions form judgments of good or bad, happy or sad, etc.

Ultimately God is above and beyond human perceptions. He, She or It has no ego. It is energy, whether unthinking like electricity you plug into, or sentient beyond any need of ego, I do not know. All I say here about God are only guesses supported by my own experience and the things I have read. I no longer put God in a box. What we perceive as cruelty on the part of God, or aloofness, or uncaring, is really our perceptions of the actions or non-actions of God. But the energy underlying whatever happened takes no sides, loves all equally and the same, and operates from a place of love beyond any ego and probably beyond any idea of self.

I used to spend a lot of energy as a Christian blaming God. He was the typical, old man on a throne, old white man on a throne, I think many Christians see Him as. Aloof, judgmental, and yet somehow loving? Where’s the proof? I had a good argument going too! In my mind the person watching someone attack someone is just as guilty as the attacker. So God is guilty, every time He allows something I perceived then as bad to happen. The end result of this is that I drove God away from me. No understanding could develop between myself and God. I saw myself as separate from God. I was miserable as a Christian.

Now I see myself as connected to God, having an open channel in myself to the energy which powers the universe. Maybe even possibly I am God, because I am a part of it, God is living a physical manifestation through me. I haven’t been able to get my head there yet. But at least I feel I am connected to God, and this has allowed me to be closer to the Source. This also makes it easier to love and accept myself and others. Understanding has come, incomplete at present, but more than I had as a Christian. The result is I can see God, the Source, inside myself and others. I can see it in the world. It literally brings light to what was formerly darkness.

I am still learning. Still blindly groping the same elephant we all are. I share the parts I have felt in order to bring a little understand to any who are ready and willing to receive it. If you want suffering to stop, we have to gather together and, as a race, develop a mindset of calm, peace and joy. This is how we change the world, and we start within ourselves.


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