Don’t Put God In A Bottle!

This comes after thinking about something my best friend said in our hour and a half conversation tonight. He said, in essence and to paraphrase, that people see God, or as I refer to this energy, the Source, as some genie in a bottle. They rub it to ask for stuff and get their wishes granted. But, according to my friend, this is not what the Source is there for.

I could accept and respect his statement. I decided to file it away for later. Because I feel I deserve a genie in the bottle! All my life there have been things I have not been able to do, to experience, to enjoy, for lack of connections, money or resources. Everything from going to see Sting in concert to attending a Wayne Dyer seminar cruise. Last year I wanted to go to Leavenworth, WA for a few nights. Now I take responsibility for my circumstances. I created this, I have to change them by changing myself. But the point is that I have never experienced what it is like to be affluent, prosperous or wealthy. I feel I should be able to experience that a little, and when I am ready, I can stop rubbing the Source’s bottle, so-to-speak.

But just a little while ago I had an insight, a brief sort of flash. I have been struggling to find or be found my my True Place, if such a place exists. My definition of this is as I read it, the place where I uniquely fit, where I find enjoyable, meaningful and well-paying work, and ultimately where I serve others. I have the particular set of strengths that I do because I am like a key and I fit in some special lock designed only for me. I guess what I unlock is this True Place, otherwise erroneously referred to as Destiny or Fate. But we are not running on rails in the race of life as it were. Having a destiny or fate implies something that can not be changed or altered. But we are free to be whatever or whoever we want, to the measure we believe this to be true.

The point being that perhaps it is not so much about finding it, much the same as you can not find happiness. Perhaps it is a matter of opening and receptivity. Of laying yourself out on the alter before the Source and asking, “How may I serve?” Maybe that is the way to your True Place. You open yourself to serving, and the Source places you in the place that best fits you at that time in your life. Your True Place may change depending on how you change. Not sure on that. Anyhow the easiest way there is not to drive there, but to stick out your thumb and let the Source take you there. Maybe that’s how it works.

On the heels of this another insight… When my friend said what he did it sort of pricked me, or rang discordant, or something. I guess for me it was not the Truth. It didn’t ring True. That doesn’t necessarily mean my friend is wrong. Just that his Truth may not be my Truth. For me the Source is an energy of love and creativity. It gives you, infinitely, whatever you ask for or need, again to the extent of your belief. It doesn’t care of you ask for a machine gun or world peace. It does not criticize or judge. It gives according to the measure of your belief. It will never, and can never, give beyond the extent of your belief, not because it is limited, but because you are, by your beliefs, mindset, programming, thoughts, etc.

Essentially you are connected to the Source and this channel is by nature always wide open and flowing. You can literally ask it to let you fly, walk through walls or travel physically to other dimensions, and if you believe you can, your request will be granted. There are no limits. The only limits are like barriers or damns that we construct in our minds in this channel. Now understand, the channel is never blocked and can never really be blocked. It can only be perceived to be blocked by you. If you can clear away the block in your mind and open yourself completely, you can do everything Jesus is recorded as having done and more. EVERYTHING!

So saying the Source is not a genie in a bottle is to put in in a bottle, so-to-speak. All religions try to define God, to put Him, Her, It or whatever or whoever into some sort of box. But the Source is infinite and limitless. You can only limit it in your own mind, and in the minds of others, as long as they believe what you do. You can’t force any belief down anyone’s mind. There must be an acceptance at some level, and then the belief is adopted, and then the dam or barricade in the mind is erected, and, for you and whoever believes as you do, in your collective mind, the Source is limited in what it can or can not do.

The Truth for me is that the Source is anything and everything. It can be my genie in a bottle or my friend’s idea of it. For the record I do not see the Source as a genie in the bottle, because I do not see the Source as necessarily serving me or being enslaved to my wishes. But I do see it as the Source of all, the Source of infinite supply, able to grant me any request I make. I see there being action and consequence. Again no criticism or judgment. No karma. I drive a car into a wall and I either A. Kill the wall or B. Kill myself or C. Kill the car or any combination thereof. I ask the Source for a machine gun and I receive the consequences of owing the weapon, essentially opening myself to violence and enforcing a fear mindset that I need to protect myself or a greed mindset that I need to sell it to make money or whatever my intention was for the request. I request world peace and I receive the consequence, more than likely peace in my own life. You receive what you give. You receive what you believe.

So to my best friend I suggest with love that you stop limiting the Source in your mind by defining what it can’t be. It is not for anyone to worry about how others use the Source, because they are under the rule of Law, and the Law says they get what they give, receive what they believe, and that they experience the consequences of their actions. In essence they must be left to the Source. Now by that I do not mean we should not try to gently and lovingly instruct or teach them. I am only saying that we are not responsible for them. It is not up to use to criticize, judge or punish. We are to accept and love them as they are, and to see them in a desired state, their natural state of perfection. When people beginning removing the blocks in their mind between them and the Source and start to remember their natural state of perfection, that is when we will see spiritual development and growth in them.

So don’t put the Source in a bottle! Throw own any and all labels or thoughts as to what the Source can or can not be. Let the Source simply be as it is. If it helps to view it as an energy of light and love, then view it this way. That is where I am in my spiritual path. Just be sure that you don’t see the Source as ONLY this way. Also don’t make your beliefs be a part of your identity. Be ready and wiling to drop any definition that is proven wrong in your experience. In other words hold any definitions you have loosely.

Remove all the barriers, blocks and damns you have in your mind between yourself and the Source, and open yourself up to a life that is truly miraculous!


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