I Can’t Is Your Enemy

You have only one enemy to fight in this world. One opponent. One evil. This enemy is named, “I Can’t.” But the words, the name, is not your enemy. It is what those words represent, your response to them, that is the enemy. The word radiation can’t harm you. But taking a stroll through the middle of a radioactive environment certainly can. I can’t is kryptonite to your soul. It is evil, the only true evil in all of creation.

When you say I can’t you are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Go ahead, play a video game, especially a hard one, and say out loud as you manipulate the controller, “I can’t!” Did you beat the level? The boss? The track? Probably not. Even if you did it was probably very hard. I can’t constrains and restricts you. Take a moment, relax, clear you mind, and become aware of your body. Now say to yourself I can’t. What happens? It feels tight, doesn’t it? You almost want to cross your arms over your chest. You shrink inwards.

I can’t is what keeps you from asking for that raise, getting a better job, asking that girl out on a date, letting that guy know you are interested in him, pursuing your dream, exploring your creative outlets, enjoying your abilities, gifts and talents, etc. Nobody and no force on earth can more powerfully stand in your way. I can’t keeps you from flying, walking through walls, teleporting, astral projecting, lucid dreaming, or doing anything else that stretches the bounds of reality or goes outside of them.

If you are a Christian I can’t is idolatry. I can’t made the Israelites forge a golden calf. I can’t is a false idol. You are worshiping it rather than God. “With God all things are possible.” All things includes whatever it is you are saying you can’t do. God can do anything, and He can make it so you can do anything as well. According to your own scriptures Jesus raised the dead. If you believe this is a true account, what is it that stops you form doing whatever it is you are saying you can’t do? You should be out there healing the sick, walking on water and raising the dead as well. If you aren’t then you have allowed I can’t to infect your life.

Simply put, I can’t keeps you where you are at the present moment. I can’t is a lie. There is no I can’t. It does not exist It is the boogeyman, the monster under the bed. It is real only to those who believe it is real. It keeps you a scared, frightened little child in some aspect of your life. It stunts your growth and it keeps you from realizing your full potential. It does not exist, yet you believe it does, and so I can’t has its power over the whole human race. Everyone who believes in I can’t condemns themselves and others.

Few if anyone believes humans can fly or walk through walls. Yet we know from a scientific viewpoint there is no reason we can’t do so. All we are is energy and space, vibrating at a certain level. That is all light is, that is all gravity is, that is all anything we can interact with using our senses really is. Walls only seem solid, gravity only feels real. But gravity only works because its energy affects the energy that makes up your physical body in some way. Reverse the affect and you get its opposite. Plain and simple. You can be pulled down by gravity or pushed up, much like two opposing magnets. It is possible. All things are possible. Learn how to vibrate your body just right and you can walk through walls. Learn how to move your energy by thought, which is also just energy, and you can teleport. I can’t does not exist.

There is only the present moment experience of failure, messing up or not succeeding. Once you have failed, messed up or found yourself unsuccessful, based on this past experience, you say I can’t. In other words you are using an experience from the past, which no longer exists, to create the reality you experience at this present moment. The problem with most humans is that they base things off what has happened on the past. Past circumstances. This is what reality is constructed of for them. But the past is gone. The moments that have passed while you are reading this are gone. You can not retrieve them and they have no further effect on you. Nor does the future exist. There is only the present moment.

Each moment anything can happen. The failure you experienced a moment ago is gone. Lost forever. Good riddance. Now you can spend this current moment succeeding. If you failed again, so what? You still have the next moment to succeed. Even if you failed millions or billions of times, you still have the next moment to succeed. Nothing is set in stone. You are not consigned to fail always because you have failed, once or many times. It does not matter. Each moment you create the reality you experience, and you can create a reality of failure or success. It all depends on what you tell yourself, what you think, what you feel.

So when you are, as I was moments ago, playing a race game and trying to win on a particularity hard track, refuse to say or think the words, “I can’t.” Acknowledge, if you like, that, “I messed up” or “I am not doing well” or “I am having trouble.” But be sure to also tell yourself, to feel and know, that, “I am a winner!” Get lost in the moment, playing your video game or doing whatever you do. Put your full attention and awareness there. Enjoy yourself, have fun, relax. Allow no room for “I can’t.” Conversely don’t say, “I can.”

I can opens the door for I can’t. If you are constantly evaluating your performance, even if you are saying, “I can do this!” I can’t is lurking there, just around the corner, just under the surface. The ideal is to get lost in the moment of whatever you are doing, to just enjoy yourself, and to not spend any thought at all evaluating our performance. Throw the critic and the judge out into the street! Evict them and change the locks. Don’t let them back in. Accept yourself and love yourself just as you are. Accept and love the video game or the activity just as it is. If you can’t enjoy doing whatever it is you are doing, if you don’t find enjoyment in it, then stop and find the activities to do that you do enjoy. The more you enjoy it, the easier it is to get lost in it.

Like all things, letting go is the surest way to get it. The surest way to beat that video game is to let go and release any desire or need to beat it. Just release it and let it go. Entrust your experience to The Source. A need to win is surely based on some sort of inner performance review. Feeling like a looser is the opposite side of the same coin. Let it go, release it, give it to the Source. It is in the letting go that you receive whatever it is you were desiring. It will come naturally, on its own, without your pursuit of it. This seems the opposite of what we naturally want to do. But it is the best way. The best way to win is to simply not be obsessed with winning. It puts extra pressure on you can keeps you from enjoying the present moment experience. So the best way to win is to be enjoying the present moment experience.

The positive energy of just allowing, being open and receptive of not forcing, and enjoying, of living moment by moment, it is what carries you, effortlessly, to the winner’s circle. It is also what enables you to be OK with loosing, or taking 2nd or 3rd. Otherwise you would be carried away by anger, at yourself, your opponent or some other external thing. Ultimately you would be identifying too much with the words looser or winner. Being a looser or winner matters only to the ego. It is the ego that says, “I can’t.” The ego does not want to be hurt by failure. It prides itself on success. Separating yourself from any attachment to failure or success also detaches you from your ego. Liberating yourself from your ego frees you to enjoy your life, to be happy, no matter what your circumstances may be.

Simply put… The ego derives its happiness from its circumstances. So you can never be happy unless your circumstances are pleasant. If your circumstances are pleasant, and you are still seeking happiness through them,the moment they inevitably change the rug will be pulled out from under you. You become the wave on the ocean. You are tossed about on the waves of emotion. Freeing yourself from the ego places you below the waves, to the calm below the surface. If you want peace, dive down deep inside yourself. Peace is not found anywhere else. Not on the waves, not ion an island, only deep down inside the core of your being. Experience and live life from that core, moment by moment.


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