Thoughts on the Workings of Prayer

I am not sure what to title this article. I just slopped something up. Perhaps I will refine it later.

I am coming to you with a slightly new perspective on writing. The process of it. My problem has always been that I get an awesome idea, but beyond the idea and occasionally the ending I have no clue as to the characters, plot or much of anything else. Maybe a glimmer of where the story takes place in general.

When I wrote Grandmother’s Attic, a short story you can find under AchieveSiuccess at, the idea came from my own location. I was, and still am, living in what I thought of at that time, and perhaps still do, as my grandmother’s attic. I can’t remember if my grandfather had yet passed or not. There were other things that sparked the idea.

The point is I had a clear picture in mind and I think I knew what the twist would be at the end. But I had no idea, beyond obviously a grandmother would be involved, as to the names of everyone, their personality, the time period, the occasions for their gathering, etc. Somehow I did the right thing and the 6,000 word story flowed through me.

The point is I have sense learned that writing is sort of like digging out a barely flowing spring. I have some experience with this because one of the places we lived had a spring that was the main water source. We had to constantly clear it out so the water could get into the pump and make it to our house. Sure we could dig in with shovels or a backhoe, but we would muddy up the spring, block its flow, and perhaps loose it. Better to gently, with our hands, clear away the sides and dig down into the chill water with our fingers until the muck was cleared.

The same process, according to “The Fiction Writer’s Workshop”, applies to writing. I am currently subscribing to this view. Over and over again I see that force is not the way to do things in life. Force implies will directed by ego. Anything we try to accomplish on our own, by our own sheer willpower, is doomed to failure, if not immediately then in time. Allowing is far more powerful. Oneness and receptivity, letting the prey, the desire circumstance or object, come to us. But that is so opposite to our normal thinking, isn’t it? We think we have to go out and hunt. We have to chase it down. I would be interested in knowing how well that actually works for deer hunters. Get experienced representatives from both groups and compare notes. Does chasing the deer all over the country side work better than just walking through the woods, with the intention to find and kill a a deer, then being fully aware of one’s surroundings, so when a deer appears you can slowly aim the rifle or bow and fire? I know in pole fishing chasing the fish would fail miserably.

So the story is there and you have to discover or uncover it, to paraphrase the author of the aforementioned book. You have to dig it out, unearth it. You don’t use shovels and backhoes. You use your bare hands. You dig down into the soft loam with your fingers. You gently expose the entire structure. You start with the idea, this tells you where to dig. You might have an intuition of what it is you are digging up. But the whole picture has to be slowly revealed.

I bring this up because this is how I am going to start writing. Here and in my stories. I have so many great ideas that I have a glimmer of the entire structure, but I was never able to uncover it all. They have remained buried. I have to find those springs again and gently re-open them. None of my old stories are dead. I refuse to consider it. I will look at them, let my imagination digest them a while, be open and receptive to any new ideas, write what comes to me, as it naturally comes, and stop writing when the flow has stopped. Never use force. I know that overnight the spring will start flowing again, and I can start writing again. Overnight may be an actual overnight or 20 years. It does not matter.

I used to refuse to see myself as an author or an artist. I denied these precious aspects of myself. I AM an artist. I AM a writer. Fuck what society thinks or expects. I will be true to myself, I AM true to myself, who I really am inside. I will follow where my heart, my intuition, that inner voice of God leads, without question. No more dicking around. I have had enough. I put myself into the life I currently experience. I AM taking myself back out of it and putting myself into my True Life. I AM a writer. I AM an artist. Period.

I AM an archeologist of my creativity. I will unearth the treasures that lay inside me. I will expose them, bring them out into the light of day, and share them with everyone. I won’t spare any thought for the criticism or judgment of others. What they think is none of my business. I will, I AM, doing what is enjoyable, fulfilling and meaningful for me. The bonus is that everything is taken care of. Money, house, food, clothing – for myself and anyone sharing my life- it is taken care of. I AM connected and possible one with an energy of infinite resources and supply. While I may never have a bank account to rival Trump’s, I won’t need it.

That’s the trick here. If I need a house I ask for one and I receive it, whatever my physical manifestation of money may be. Same for a car, food, clothes or anything else. If I make the Source the CEO of my life it will never run the business of my living into the ground. I will always be in the black. Millions and maybe billions of dollars will be spent by me, will flow through me, irrespective of my actual bank account balances. I don’t have to lie, cheat or steal. I don’t have to be greedy or selfish. I don’t even have to budget everything and invest wisely. In fact i may have few, if any investments. I won’t need any of that. Whenever I need money, it comes. Whatever I need just comes. Simple as that.

I AM about to tell you exactly how to live like that. I know it goes against the grain of what society considers reality or even normal. Society’s perceptions are based on sense perceptions that leave little if any room for anything that can not be seen, heard, felt, tasted or touched. It’s a different way of living and it is not for everyone.

It is also very simple. “Ask and ye shall receive.” That’s it. Christians call it prayer and children call it a letter to Santa. It all goes to the same Source. Doesn’t matter the name you give it, or how you deliver your requests. As a former Christian I pray. I simply ask for whatever it is I need or want. If I need it by a certain time, or am testing things, I may set a time limit. Otherwise I try to leave things as general as possible and let the Source fill in the details. Here is the key… Your words are irrelevant! It is all about what you feel, and the desires in your heart at the time you male your request. This is what this post is all about. This final, missing ingredient.

In brief I AM reading E-Squared by Pam Grout, and in the very first experiment I asked for an unexpected gift or blessing in 48 hours and I was given a bag of coffee beans the next day. I believe, but am not sure, that I was thinking about coffee in general at the time. I next applied this to my family get together, that all family and anyone else involved in the gathering would receive premium or first class treatment. However the desires in my heart were that we would all get along, and for reconciliation. Those desires were what were answered. I received two unexpected gifts, that I had not even asked for that Christmas.

The process is simple. Meditate. Clear your mind. Introspect, see what your heart is desiring. Be aware of that. You have to change it if your request is for something else. Make your prayer. Do it in the closet. That is, do not tell anyone about it. No public displays. Quietly and privately ask for whatever it is you want to ask for. You may call who you are talking to God, your Higher Self. the Tao, Buddha, Allah or The Source. Hell you can call it Great Spirit, Energy of the Universe or The Force! In reality it has no name and no ego either. No ego no gender, no capricious judgment/blessing. It is just an energy of love and creativity that at the least is a part of all of us, connecting all of us and all of creation, and at most we are all actually one with it. I can’t wrap my head around that either yet, but that’s OK. I have gotten as far as we are all connected and perhaps a part of it. Works for me.

So address it as you will, ask for whatever you want, being sure that your heart matches your request, because your heart is what will be answered. You can add all sorts of details if you like. But I would not advise that. As much as possible be general. Practice trust that the Source knows you, knows your heart, knows what’s best for you and any other parties involved, and will provide the Truest, or absolute best, answer. You must have this faith that is basically a hope combined with a knowing. You have to be able to say, when you are done, no matter what thoughts come into your head, no matter what anyone else says, no matter what your physical senses tell you (this is very important) that, “It is taken care of.” You have to know it and feel it. You can combine your request with excitement and expectancy if you wish. I have trouble sleeping if I do that just before bed. That is when Neville Goddard advises you make your requests. In a stat of reverie just before sleep. Because the last thing you think about before going to bed will be with you all night. I AM still learning the ins and outs of this.

Follow this procedure, that can be summed up in two phrases, “Ask and ye shall receive” and in the famous words of God at the beginning of Genesis, “It is done.” or “It is taken care of..” Pray it and leave it. Leave your gifts at the alter. In other words, don’t dwell on it, don’t think about it, and above all don’t try to make anything happen. From here on out is is trust and flow. You remain open and receptive, feeling, knowing and trusting that, “it is taken care of.”

If thoughts creep up think about what the Source is manifesting. Have a sense of wonder about it, like a child at Christmas before his or her parents. Look at what you have asked for, see, “…that it was good.” Do not entertain doubts, fear or worry. These will kill the energy that you are expending towards the manifestation of the desired item or outcome.

Keep it simple, one request at a time. When your request is granted, you can ask the next one. Remember that there is no judgment. You can ask for the pretty girl down the hall to come to your door and sleep with you. But there will be a consequence. She my get pregnant, you may miss out on a better, Truer relationship, etc.

You can ask for anything, and you will get it, exactly what you asked for, hence the need to be careful with specifics. As one story is recounted in E-Squared a man asked for two woman to sleep with. He ended up in a relationship with a woman who had a daughter. That daughter slept in the bed with them one night. Probably not what the guy meant when he made that request. But he got what he asked for, exactly.

So remember, action is followed by consequence. There is no judgment, karma or punishment. Unless we really do reincarnate, that I guess karma would have to exist in the sense that any lessons you failed to learn in this incarnation you will have to face again in the next. But that is material for another article. This one is long enough.

No more excuses. It is time to be responsible for your life. Throw out your beliefs about limitation and lack. Throw out all negative, limiting beliefs in general. Throw out the beliefs of your religion or society, if they stand in the way of you taking control of your life and making it what you want it to be. Follow your inner voice, the voice of God, without reservation. “Ask and you shall receive…” Remember it is taken care of, and that consequence follows action.

No more standing on the sidelines. You need to get moving, find your True Life, that place where you uniquely fit, totally and completely. Nobody else can fit there, only you. Open yourself up, be receptive, and create the life you want for yourself and your loved ones. When you have developed enough, help myself and others create the world we want for our children, the future we want for the human race and our home.

You are not powerless. You have direct access to the greatest power in all of creation. It is the same power that manifested creation in the first place. You just have to choose to be a channel for it or not. To plug yourself into it, through prayer, or not. Nobody can make that choice for you.

You have been a pawn on the chessboard of life long enough my friend. You have allowed yourself to be moved around that board all your life. It is time to leave it and make your own moves. Take control and responsibility for your life. You may have much inner work to do. Face it fearlessly. Learn to accept and love yourself as you are. Love and accept others as they are. Develop empathy for others. See how you could have, in their shoes, ended up just like them. Throw out the programming of your childhood. It is time to rewrite the code of your life. The first step is the same as the what prayer responds to.



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