Merry Christmas Everyone!

Before I go to bed I want to give everyone the greatest gift I could give them, outside of my acceptance and love, which you all already have.

That gift is simply that this works:
E-Squared by Pam Grout

This book may challenge your religion and will almost certainly challenge your mindset. But the “Dude Abides Principle”, the very first one, teaches us that the creative energy of the universe, that I call The Source and she calls the FP, is accessible to us 24/7 and can be depended on to give us whatever we ask for, without judgment, some idea of timing, requirements, restrictions or anything else. You ask, you look forward to the answer with expectation, you receive. You should be able to adapt this to any religion. So if you’re a Christian you can call the FP God.

I say this with authority, as one coming from a former Christian background. I used to think I couldn’t ask God for every little thing, I focused on whether or not it was His will, I put a whole bunch of blocks between me and God that prevented me from receiving anything from him. It was very liberating for me, early Sunday morning, just before going to bed to read the first chapter. I had been feeling a lack of Christmas spirit up until then. I couldn’t put my finger on what Christmas means to me. I still can’t, but its not bugging me as much. I’ll work through it. The point is that this gave me a needed boost. I went to bed looking forward to what unexpected gift or blessing I would receive. That’s what the experiment is basically about. You give the FP 48 hours to give you an unexpected gift or blessing.

I just prayed, like I used to pray to God, but now its a bit different and I call what I am praying to the Source. Not a religion or anything – I moved away from all religions. The Source simply means what it says, the energy that created everything and gives all of us life. No judgment or thought on who or what this is beyond that, and that the Source is nothing but creative, loving energy, It has no ego, does not criticize, condemn or judge.

Anyhow at 7:00AM Sunday morning I asked for an unexpected gift or blessing within 48 hours, that’s 7:00AM Christmas Eve Day. I didn’t daydream or imagine what this would be, I set no terms. I left myself completely open and receptive. Just released and let go to the Source anything that tried to get in the way. Just looked forward to my answer. I received it today at roughly 5:00PM. I walked into IQ to deposit some money. Dad wanted me to ask about calendars, so I did. The lady cashier, who I did not recognize and did not know, said she didn’t. Then she asked me if I liked coffee. I said sure or something to that effect. She reached up, grabbed a bag of coffee beans IQ has been using for a promotion, and gave them to me. I never glanced at the bag, she had no idea I liked coffee, and I met none of the terms of the promotion.

This was exactly what I had asked for. An unexpected gift within 48 hours. I asked dad if I could go to the library and credit union. I was willing to not go if we didn’t have enough time since he wanted to go to the game at the church and I wanted him to be able to do so. But I was in and out of the library really quick and he chose to take me over to the credit union, where I received my answer.

There is no more doubt. Just echoes and ghosts from formerly held beliefs, feelings, thoughts mindsets and programming. The Source, the FP, is real. You can ask it for anything, give it a time frame, and you will receive it. Period. The only thing you have to do is, after asking, look forward with expectation to your answer. You do not use force. You ask and you let it go, leaving yourself open to the answer. This is how you should pray if you are a Christian. Ask and you shall receive. Not ask and you shall receive if this and that. Not ask and you shall receive if you are worthy. Simply ask and you shall receive, THE END. If anyone tells you otherwise simply smile at them, love them, and walk away.

If you ask for a negative thing, or from a negative motivation, you will receive. You take the action, you receive the consequence. No judgment or karma. Ask and receive. Action and consequence. if you motivation is pure the consequence will be of the same nature. If your motivation is impure you consequence will be of the same nature.

Are there limits to this? I can’t say. I have asked and been answered. Neither that, or people randomly giving me bags of coffee (excepting my Uncle Stan for my birthday or Christmas) normally happen to me. Can I ask for my own house in 48 hours and manifest this? Again I can’t say. My advice is simply this… Listen to your heart, that still small voice Christians call the Holy Spirit, I call your inner voice, either way it is the voice of what I call the Source, AKA the FP or God, guiding and directing you. Follow its leading in your requests. Be as general as possible. Instead of say asking for a brand new Lamborghini in the next 24 hours, if you truly need a car, or just desire a nice sports car, ask simply for a nice sports car and leave the time limit off. But this is my opinion. Follow your conscience and your heart.

As for me I know this works, and I know the details, specifics and vagaries of the process are none of my business. Ask and you shall receive. Not as and wonder if you did it right, or if it will go through because of such and such. Again simply, ask and you shall receive.

I am about to spend the next few days with my brother. Last year we got into a big fight. My previous experience with him tells me he is hard to be around most of the time. But the past does not exist, nor does the future. My brother is however he is right now. I will go to bed, having made my request that everyone have the best day possible tomorrow, visualizing everyone having a good time. I put no time limits on this. It is directed at tomorrow. Sometime Christmas or the day after I will post an update. In the meantime…

Pray to God, Santa, The Source or whoever or whatever if there is something you want for Christmas. Do so with confidence, knowing that if you ask you shall receive. Pray in your closet, in other words, keep your prayer to yourself. Pray it and leave it. Leave your gift at the alter. Leave your prayer closet with a smile on your face, looking forward with expectation to the answer of your prayer. Until the prayer is answered, try to flow in your life. Use no force. Especially do not try to make your prayer happen. Make your request, leave it, and simply look forward to its answer. That’s it. That’s the whole process. And for more read the book listed below. It will change your life. It is changing mine.


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