The Myth of the Subconscious or Unconscious Mind

I am about to present to you a radical new idea. That your subconscious or unconscious mind is a myth, a figment of your imagination, a construction of man. It is passing the buck, making excuses and not taking responsibility for the way you think, the beliefs you hold and the actions you take as a result. In effect you are saying, “It’s not my fault, it’s just who I am.” Imagine a murderer, holding up his bloody knife over a corpse, saying that! If the subconscious or unconscious mind truly did exist then we would have to set murders, rapists and con men free, because they are innocent, because it is this part of themselves that drove them to do what they did, they were merely unwilling spectators, if they are to be believed!

No more excuses! It is time to take responsibility for who you are and what you do! It is time to throw out this meaningless construction and take charge of your mind! It is time to become aware and conscious of your thoughts, your beliefs and to take action! Just as you create your reality, you create who you are and you choose what you do. You choose what to believe, what programing from your childhood you keep and ultimately what actions you take. If you can create your own reality you can create one where there is nothing but a fully conscious mind that is completely aware!

I am throwing out this idea that I have, or there exists, anything such as a subconscious or unconscious aspect of myself or anyone else. Wayne Dyer chooses to call this the, “Habitual Mind.” I choose not to have any aspect of myself that I am not completely responsible for. In other words I won’t blame wrong thinking, wrong habits, wrong programming on my “Habitual Mind” anymore than I will blame it on my subconscious or unconscious mind. As far as I am concerned my reality is that I only have a conscious mind. That I am aware of my beliefs, habits and programming and as a result I know what I need to change. I then do whatever I need to do or become whatever I need to be to change these. I choose complete consciousness in waking life and as I sleep, dreaming or leaving the body in an astral projection, whatever the case may be. I choose to be fully concussions in my dreams and put myself in the driver seat, hands on the wheel. I can enjoy the ride or take control at any time. The same for when I astral project. The same for when I wake up and move around the physical plane.

People say that they must have some kind of subconscious or unconscious mind because when they sleep they are not in control of their dreams. Yet if you have ever lucid dreamed, as I have, you know that you can take control. So you are only subconscious or unconscious during sleep because you believe you are. You buy into the common belief of mankind, as a result you reinforce that reality for yourself and others. Whether you choose ti be consciously aware of it or not you remain unconscious during sleep by choice.

If you choose to relegate aspects of yourself to your subconscious or unconscious mind you give away your power to become conscious. You reinforce this idea of a subconscious or unconscious mind not only for yourself but also for the rest of humanity! You, in effect, contribute to a reality of people, including yourself, going around on auto-pilot, staying stuck in the same circular flight patters of wrong beliefs, wrong programming, wrong thoughts and wrong action, instead of freeing yourself and them up to jet up into the blue skies of conscious thinking, where wrong beliefs and thoughts can be challenged, wrong programming can be changed, and a different, better and Truer course of action can be taken! Why on earth would you willingly leash yourself to the unmoving pole of your beliefs, programming and thoughts instead of setting yourself free?

You create your reality, you choose the actions you take in it, and you decide whether or not you will be fully conscious during your existence in the physical plane or if you will continue to reinforce wrong beliefs, programming and thoughts by relegating these aspects of your thinking to some mythical unconscious or subconscious part of yourself. You choose whether or not you are a robot, acting on its programming, or a man, able to make conscious, fully aware decisions. Are you willing to take control and responsibility of your life, for your life, or not?

Are you a smoker, enslaved by your habit to the cigarette, or are you ready to free yourself? I guarantee that if you smoke you pull that coffin nail out of the pack without a second thought. In other words you don’t think about it. But what would happen if each time you placed your fingers around one of those horrible things you took a moment to actually think about what you are doing. Listened to the thoughts going on in your head. Paid attention to the beliefs and programming that have brought you to the place where you are considering taking this thing out of its package and having, “Just one more…”? What would happen if each time you puled out your box of cigs you practiced being fully aware of your beliefs, programming and thoughts and the action you are considering to take? The same thing applies to that can of beer or bottle of booze, as well as to the syringe you have been injecting between your toes, or the pipe you have been placing between your lips.

My guess is that before long you would draw your hands away from the cigarette, fold the cover back over the top of the package, and resist smoking. That this would snowball and soon you would be throwing out the entire pack. And if you practiced this in other aspects of your life, such as your job or marriage, you would find a root cause of why you were smoking in the first place, and you would change that as well. Before long you would find yourself happier, healthier and enjoying a much better life!

It all starts with a simple decision to take responsibility for who you are and what you do. To stop relegating things to this human constructed myth of the subconscious or unconscious mind. To instead become fully conscious of your beliefs, programming, thoughts and the resulting actions you take. To then choose to release and let go of those wrong beliefs, to change that wrong programming, and to actively and consciously choose to think better thoughts.

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