If you are anything like my parents chances are you have preached at your children how they should get a job, look for work, etc. You have bought into this mythological idea that getting a job is something your children are supposed to do, probably because your own parents said the same. Well read this and see if you still feel that way!–mcdonald%E2%80%99s-has-more-tone-deaf-advice-for-workers?gt1=33002

The fact of the matter, what I have been saying for the last two decades, is that getting a job does not constitute any measure of success or ensure any means to support one’s self. The phrase “wage slave” is not just a phrase, not any more.

The way things are in society right now is that you are supposed to work until you are 70 or so, in debt up to the eyeballs, and in essence you are to rent your life, not own it.

Now let me be clear. This is what society calls reality. However individually we determine what is reality, and collectively we can have greater impact, so what is currently societal reality right now can be changed.

However until we as a society change this reality for our children, and create a better future for them, we are going to see the consequences of the current reality. More suicides, more killings, more mysterious deaths like the entire family, two boys and their parents, found in the desert who had been missing for 3 years.Things will get worse, not better, unless we do something about it.

Because your children are not stupid. You tend to think you know more because you are older. Maybe the amount of knowledge you have collected can’t be questioned, but its relevance can. If you still believe your kids need to go out and get a job you are passing on old, archaic and meaningless knowledge from 50 years ago that no longer applies.

Your children will go out with the best intentions and feel like failures  if they do not succeed, and if they do they may end up doing work for insufficient pay usually at multiple jobs. Their own children will suffer because both parents will likely be working. This is the best a child in today’s societal reality can hope to achieve. You are condemning them to a life of slavery, but instead of being whipped into action they will be spurned on by bill payments and the hope that maybe they can do better for their own children.

This is the cleverness of the elite, rich and powerful today. Nobody will willingly submit to being whipped and beaten, forced to work. That would seem barbaric. That is what the elite and wealthy did hundreds or thousands of years ago. But that wouldn’t fly today, so they came up with another way to beat us into submission. Now if we want good things for ourselves and our families we will have to work multiple jobs and go into debt, or get some sort of high paying, high stress career.

Faced with a future as bleak as that, with not even college guaranteeing a better existence, is it no wonder our children are killing themselves and each other?

Granted, they will have had to bought into the same lie as you to end up in that sort of situation. Our mindsets do determine the kind of reality we find ourselves in. A lucky few may discover that a poverty or hard work mindset lands them in poverty or hard work, while an affluence mindset puts them in a position of wealth, friends and connections.

The Truth is God does not want us to work ourselves literally to death. He freed the Israelites from that fate. Emmet Fox says that God has a True place for us, and wherever we are now is our Right place. It is our right place because we put ourselves there. But God has a True place for us that only we can uniquely fill, and in that place we are happy, doing work that is fulfilling and meaningful to us, for which we are well paid. In short our True place takes us out of the land of bondage.

My advice is to help your children find their True place. What things do they want to do, in the deepest recesses of their hearts? That is the voice of God’s guidance. Help them to follow that, literally their heart. You know what I say about society is right. So stop selling the lie. If we all decide to stop believing it the lie will loose its power, and we will be free to create a better reality for ourselves and our children. There is enough of everything for all of us. Everything that exists currently in a physical form started as energy, and energy is infinite, as it can not be destroyed.

So let’s tap into that infinite supply and create a better world for ourselves and our children. Let’s stand together and put the currently societal reality to death. Let’s kill this evil thing that has taken so many lives and hurt so many people once and for all. We don’t even have to attack the elite, powerful and rich. We only have to attack the idea they want us all to believe in. Once the idea is dead, the reality it spawned will be dead too, and those who have earned their riches and status from the blood and sweat of others will suddenly find themselves in quite a different reality. Their power will be taken from them, without any force on our part.

It’s time you stop lying to yourselves and your children. Work is not the answer, education is not the answer, college is not the answer. None of the things you have been taught to believe are the answer really are the answer. The answer is that everyone should be doing what they most enjoy doing, living their True life, the one God, or the Source, or your Higher Self, or whatever you call Him/Her/It made for us. If you’re an atheist and you don’t believe in any sort of higher power, that’s OK. Think of your True place as being the best place possible for you in this life. Can you honestly say you are there, now? Probably not. Well then isn’t it time you found it? That special work you enjoy doing that calls to you?

It’s time to wake up people and realize the Truth. This article is only a glimpse of how truly wretched things are out there in current societal reality. Can you honestly say, if your love your children at all, that this is what you want for them?


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