My Spirituality

He looked me in the eye,
And tried to tell me why,
That Christianity was for me,
what do I tell this guy?

He seems so genuine,
Approaching me,
Giving me a healing,
His eyes quivering.

So much concern,
For my eternal soul,
The risk of damnation,
How do I explain to him?

That yes, I was a Christian,
I may have renounce my faith,
Not sure, can’t remember, don’t care,
My former religion was also my prison.

I simply do not have the words,
To loving explain to this man,
That I have no use for God’s plan,
No need to be saved or for salvation.

It’s breaking my parent’s hearts,
I guess peer pressure is getting to them,
And genuine concern based on their religion,
But I wish my happiness was their main concern.

So I reach out, get his name, shake his hand,
Tell him I an open to all faiths, all religions,
Try to be loving and honest to him,
But make it clear I’m not interested in any of them.

As we walk away in our minds we each may say,
Something like, “That poor, misguided soul…”
But to know the Truth, there is no way,
No knowledge until the day after our dying day,
This is the only way,
There is nothing more to say.

So why do I feel the need to explain myself?
To be genuine and honest with him and everyone else?
To tell the truth and act out of love,
Especially when I don’t serve some God above?

I guess that Christianity,
Became such a part of my identity,
That its ghosts still haunt me,
Phantoms of what I used to believe,
And who I used to be.

Now I don’t even remember the man’s name,
Although he gave it to me,
I guess i have never been good with stuff like that,
Maybe that’s why I’m so lonely,
If I can’t take the time to remember someone,
Why in the hells should they care about me?

So if you see me  on the street,
Walk up to talk about your faith,
Know that I will listen, respectfully,
And just as respectfully refuse to follow,
Any religion, no matter how hallow.

Because no faith has all the answers,
In return for eternal  promises,
You must sacrifice your mind,
And I will never again be a slave,
To the things I believe,
I will no longer let these things,
Be a part of my identity.

I prefer to be open and free,
To follow my own path,
Wherever that may lead me,
I do not fear karma, judgment or destiny,
This is exactly how I want things to be,
This is the essence of my spirituality.


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