Change Begins Inside

Just the other day I had a revelation. It occurred to me that praying for healing for someone, or sending them healing energy, implies that healing is needed. So it creates or reinforces a state of sickness. It is also critical and judgmental, in that you have decided someone needs healing.

It is so different from how we usually think. We hear someone is sick, or witness it ourselves, and immediately we pray, ask for healing, or send healing energy. But I think a better approach is to refuse to give any ground to the sickness. See the person as well, as perfectly healthy – not in need of any healing. This creates the reality of them healthy and healed, even if their state initially was not one of health or wellness.

Maybe this is another of those ego traps. This idea that we have to do something. That we have to fight something. That we have to resist something. We go to war against a virus, cancer or some sort of physical damage. Or we try to center someone emotionally. Or we send them to someone to get their mind right.

But that gives power to the unwanted condition, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t we instead give power to whatever we call God, which is greater than anything in what we call reality, and refuse to create or reinforce any reality of the unwanted state, seeing instead the individual as healthy at all levels, physical, spiritual and mental?

Another ego trap, loosely related, is one I recently fell into. I kept saying that I want to have the faith of that woman who reached out and touched Jesus’s robe. Who, on touching it, was healed. I kept saying my faith isn’t that strong. But on the heels of this first realization came another. That I am only created or reinforcing a reality where my faith is not that strong by saying that.

This is very confusing and hard to think through clearly. What I should have been doing (and yet another trap is perilously close here, dwelling on should haves) was saying to myself that I have the faith of that woman. That I have the faith of Jesus’s disciples, That I have the faith of Jesus himself. This then creates or reinforces a reality of great faith in me, whatever my initial state of faith may have been.

It all comes down to focus. We need to focus on what we want, not what we don’t want. We need to focus on what we have in the reality we wish to create or reinforce, not what we are lacking. No guru, no truly spiritual teacher, not even Jesus himself ever spent even a moment of time thinking about what they did not have, what they were lacking, what they were missing or gave any consideration to what others called reality. At a wedding Jesus didn’t see a barrel of water. He saw a barrel of wine. He didn’t see Lazarus as dead, He spoke to him as if he was alive and merely taking a nap. He didn’t worry that he only had a few pieces of fish and a few loaves of bread. He had already created a feast for everyone around him.

We can debate whether or not these things actually happened. Or rather you can try to debate it with me if you like, but I will not spend energy trying to defend anything. Whether or not these things happened is not relevant. What is relevant is the glimpse of the mindset of Jesus and his disciples, and people like that woman, which we can see between the lines and in the background of the text. This is an important clue in our own affairs. It shows us the mindset we need to have in order to manifest a reality we desire to manifest. Or to create or reinforce a state we want to create or reinforce.

So if you are sick your best bet is probably not to ask for healing. If you go to a doctor you should do so out of a sense of responsibility for the body you have been blessed with. But you should not go there with a mindset you need healing. Neither should you ask some guru or teacher for healing. Your energies will probably be better spent envisioning and imagining yourself as completely healthy, well, whole. Image yourself in the state you wish to be in, whatever that is, feel all the things you would feel in your desired state, spare no thought as to whether or not the state will manifest (another ego trap.) Just live and act your normal routine as if that state were the reality, and not whatever reality you are experiencing right now.

I think this is the mindset we need to have. There may be more pieces to this puzzle. I have been working at it form the corners since I was made aware that this puzzle even existed. I will freely share anything I learn in my own explorations in this matter. But I think a major piece was figuring out the truth about asking for healing. It ties in how what you give power affects things and reinforces the idea that you have to envision and imaging yourself as already having whatever it is you want, or being in whatever state you want to be in.

May these words make you aware of any ego traps in your own path. May they bless you and may any truth in them take root in you and bear fruit.

Change Begins Inside.

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