The Beam In My Eye

I lost a Facebook friend last night. This is the second time I have lost a friend due to my views about homosexuality. Tonight, after a day of being tired and feeling a little depressed, I worked it out. The post that follows is my decision and the conclusion I have come to.

Yes, I must step to the beat of my own drum, even if that means marching alone. Yes, I feel that homosexuality in humans is against natural design. And yes, I call this Truth. I am sure we are created male and female for a reason. I do not claim to know what that reason may be but I think I could provide a healthy guess. In short it has to do with different kinds of energy and the energetic component of manifesting physical life in physical reality. But this is not the focus of these words

What it comes down to is how I choose to be. I choose to live in alignment with the Source, at the highest vibration level possible. That means I can’t sacrifice relationships on the alter of my convictions. It means I have to trust the Source to be more powerful than any unwanted influence on me or my future family.

It means that I must leave even unbiased observation, which admittedly most humans, if not all, are poor at, to the Source and just let it go. If someone crosses into my path or sphere of awareness who is gay, a murderer, a rapist, a child molester, or any other label society put on them or they put on themselves my only course of action, in order to be aligned with the Source, is to love and accept them as they are. In my former religion we would say, “hate the sin, love the sinner.” But labeling something as a sin is also judging. There can be no judgment or criticism for me to operate at my highest vibration, the closest level to the Source.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that I can not let something else have more power in my life than the Source. I need to trust the Source to be stronger and more powerful than any life circumstance and the people in it. I have to choose where to invest my energy. Will I invest it in the Source, looking with absolute faith and trust there for whatever is needed? Or will I invest energy expressing my point of view or even arguing it? What would that accomplish anyway? Even if my motives are truly driven by love and I am somehow not being judgmental or critical, why do I feel I have to be the one to point out something that is wrong, or against nature, or unnatural, or whatever label I could put on it?

Christians are the ones crusading against sin. But as far as I am concerned, sin does not exist. Neither do any sort of judgment, damnation, karma, fate or destiny. The only thing that exists are consequences and actions. Maybe I should just leave people to their actions, and the resulting consequences. Be there to help them if they want to change. But leave their lives to them and the Source.

The only issue I see with this is that I can no more let someone hurt another than I could allow a gay couple to kiss in front of my kids. In these instances the actions of these people have come into my sphere of awareness, and of my children. Maybe I could let the kissing slide. Trust that I raised my kids correctly and that this sort of thing can have no effect on them, because they have that solid foundation as well as the protection of the Source. But how do I deal with a situation where I need to intervene to save someone? I have no aspirations to put on tights and jump from the rooftops like Batman. I don’t see myself as a hero. But what do I do? Because if I intervene I am judging. I am saying the one hurting the other is in the wrong. Society says as much. To do nothing and let it happen is to be equally guilty of the crime. So what is the solution here?

I don’t know. All I have figured out for now is that I am no longer going to go out of my way to state my views. I will be careful of any comments I leave at Facebook. I may wrote a blog post. Perhaps a book. But I won’t speak of these things in person. I think my new policy will be to smile and walk away. I can write words and put those out there, nobody is forced to read them. But you can’t unsee a comment or unhear something that has been said. In all things I do I want to operate, and choose to operate, at the highest vibrational level possible. The closest frequency to the Source I can tune in to. Leave others to the consequences of their actions, but be there if I am called to serve.

I know that any Truth, if it is really the truth, can defend itself. It does not need or require my help. I know I do not want to contribute to hatred by being any part of an US group. I know that causing and being involved in any argument over Truth is not in alignment with the Source, and is low-vibration.

So my path is clear. I do not condone or accept homosexuality any more than I condone or accept any other sort of sexually deviant behavior, and to me homosexuality is perverse and unnatural, the same at its core as molestation, rape, bestiality or bondage. If that statement offends I am truly sorry. But I am entitled to my point of view. As far as I am concerned these things are all equally sexually deviant and they all stem from mental issues, caused by someone not facing something in their past combined with how they chose to respond.

I will not spend my energy defending these statements or condemning anyone’s point of view. Instead I will invest it in healing and spiritual development. I will hold anything I consider to be Truth lightly, and let it go if, instantly, if it is proven experientially wrong. I will retain no more low-vibration beliefs. In any encounter with someone who practices something I do not condone, I will not judge them, I will not criticize them, I will love and accept them as they are. I will put myself in their shoes, see perhaps how I could, given similar life circumstances and responses, have ended up the same. If needed I will gently and lovingly let them know I do not approve of their behavior. But only if needed. I will treat them humanely and in the back of my mind will be the question, WWSD, or, “What Would Source Do?”

I don’t know how carefully I can walk this line. I am not sure this is the right approach. I will always seek the guidance of the Source. I will always seek the Truth. I will strive to operate at the highest vibration level possible, as closely aligned to the Source as I can be. I will trust the Source explicitly in all things. I believe the Source is more powerful than anything that could have what I perceive to be a negative impact on myself or my family. I won’t give power to the unwanted thing by focusing on what I don’t want, responding in fear or accepting what others call reality. I will define my own reality. I will develop the faith needed to instantly heal any illness, to nullify any poison, to restore anything and even to free myself from death. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can have power over me unless I let it. I no longer choose to let anything, at any level, have power over me except the Source. That is the only power in all of creation that I will defer to.

There are choices and consequences. Usually when we think of consequences a bad thing comes to mind. But consequences can be good as well. I have made my choice here and there will be consequences. Life may be a little tougher for me, I may struggle a little more. But I think overall the consequences for my choice will be good. Through the Source I have access to the power of the entire universe. The only thing between me and that power is my openness and receptiveness, my trust and belief, and of course my vibration level. With this choice I begin the process of removing all the blocks between me and that power. Already the water is rushing in. Money manifests more than it ever has before. Soon the dam will come town and the rushing torrent will sweep away all the things that have prevented me from operating at my highest level, my best ideal, my fullest potential. This process is where, from now on, I invest my energy. Nothing is more important than this, so why put energy into other things?

The Bible says well that we should deal with the beam in our own eye before attempting to help another with the mote in theirs.


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