Natural Design

Gay people are made, not born. Nobody was ever born gay, despite what my friend Josh tries to tell me about gay people having different brains. Things happen to someone, they are raised a certain way, they are abused, whatever the case may be. They make a choice, conscious or more likely subconscious. That choice is what begins the change in them, probably right after the trigger event happened. It even changes their brain over time.

The truth is, if gender doesn’t matter, and by proxy, the sex of your partner doesn’t matter, then we would all be born androgynous, with both male and female parts. There are males and females for a reason. This is by design. As long as someone who is gay tries to deny that, refuses to face up to their trauma, they will continue to be twisted and distorted away from natural design.

There is no judgment here and no criticism. I used to be against gay people. Now I have realized that only love can affect any sort of change, not hatred. We are dealing with damaged people, who, if I were honest, I could be one of had I responded differently to my own life circumstances differently.

The clincher is that what society labels as a “sexual disorder” are all branches of the same tree rooted in the same sorts of trauma. So that’s why we also have rapists and child molesters. They, along with gay people, have been twisted by conscious or unconscious choice against nature. It is not entirely their fault, society is part of the problem. This is simply an illness, a sickness, and the only way to treat it is with love.

The cure for being gay or a rapist or a child molester? Face your trauma, learn to love and accept yourself as you are, and you will slowly, over time, change more in line to natural design. Until you do you are a prisoner chained to certain behavior patterns. You have to find the strength to fight, and you have to be willing to change. This change can not be forced. It must occur naturally. It’s like a twisted tree that has grown a certain way for hundreds of years. Forcing it to grow straight and tall will do irreparable damage. Instead it has to, on its own, slowly untwist itself and grow aright.

Heterosexuality between sexually mature partners is the natural design, the natural order, how we evolved or were created, whatever your belief system. Disagree if you wish. I will not argue with you. I can only state the Truth. I can only love and accept you as you are, gay, straight, rapist, child molester – hell Adolf Hitler! Doesn’t matter. Love is the only thing that will change you, that will change the entire human race in the course of its spiritual evolution as a matter of fact. That is the future I am building towards. Alignment to natural design and the highest spiritual ideal.


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