Abundance Visualization

I find myself in a small, dark room. Looking around I see a lumpy bed along one wall. A rough fireplace with a small fire is set into another wall. A beat up metal bowl hangs above the fire. Something is cooking inside, I can see the steam and smell the odor of some kind of stew. In front of it is a small, crooked wooden table. On top of the table is a small bowl, next to it are a spoon, a fork and a knife. Next to it is small stool. There is a door in the wall opposite the fireplace, and a single window in the wall opposite the bed. There are a bare minimum of objects in the home, and all of them are heavily used, clean but beat up from heavy use.

Looking down I see I am dressed in rough clothes. A heavily patched threadbare and ragged shirt, with an equally heavily patched, ragged and stained pair of paints. I have a worn pair of shoes on my feet, no socks. I can feel the cold floor through the holes in my shoes. I see that I am very skinny and muscular. My hands have dirty nails, heavy calluses and scratches, otherwise they are clean. In the pocket of my pants I can feel some sort of heavy, hard object. I reach down and pull it out.

It is a golden key. It shimmers and seems to glow with a light of its own. I know it’s mine, but somehow I have either forgotten it is there or simply ignored it. Holding it I am filled with a sense of peace and love. In that moment I know I can leave this place and go somewhere better. But for some reason I resist. I am filled with fear of opening the door and stepping outside. I almost put the key into my pocket to forget about it again. But at the last moment I stop.

Holding the key so tightly I can feel it digging into my palm I open the door with my free hand. It is absolutely beautiful outside. I can smell trees and flowers, I can hear birds singing. I am in some sort of city. But what holds my attention the moment I step out is a huge mansion resting on a hilltop not far from where I am standing. I know that the key I am holding will unlock its door. Once again doubt and fear step in and try to convince me to put the key away. But I refuse. Holding the key in front of me I begin to walk to the mansion on the hill. As I do I release and let go of the doorknob to the tiny house. I do not look back.

The next thing I know I am standing in front of a huge door. Without thinking I insert the key into the lock and it opens. As I step inside I know that everything I could possibly need or want is provided. I can feel this knowing deep inside, washing away all fear and doubt. Looking around I find myself in a vast chamber. I can’t see the walls or ceiling. Everything around me is glowing with a soft, white light. I feel embraced in a gentle, loving and accepting presence. I feel as if I belong here, as if this is my home.

In front of me is a small and ornately carved table. On the table is a change of clothes – a beautiful white robe and a pair of comfortable sandals. I remove the rags I have been wearing and put on the new clothes. The instant I do I feel warm and protected. I leave my old cloths in a pile on the table where they disintegrate, turning into energy and drifting away.

I am still holding the golden key, but somehow I know what to do with it. Holding it in my palm I place it over my heart, one hand on top of the other, and I feel the key turn into energy and become a part of me. In that moment I feel my connection to the Source, to infinite supply and abundance. In that moment I realize that I have always been connected to the Source and I smile. In that moment I am filled with love, peace, confidence and assurance.

In this visualization the tiny home represents old ways of thinking, old limitation mindsets, etc. The mansion represents new ways of thinking, abundance mindsets, etc. Same for the old clothes VS the new. It is important to not only say and know intellectually that “…the Source provides” or “…God provides” but to also feel it. The key represents your connection to this source, whatever you call it, of infinite supply, infinite abundance.

This script is a WIP (Work In Progress). I have been having trouble demonstrating abundance in my own life. I just have not, up to this moment, been able to manifest the kind of money and resources I want. I have re-programmed myself to say, “the Source provides” but I guess I am just not feeling it. I keep going back to the demonstrations of Jesus, and the closest other example, the lady who reached out and touched his robe. That woman is my role model. Jesus of course is also my role model. But I guess i feel I can develop the faith of that woman quicker than I can develop the faith of Jesus. In nay case this script is intended to develop the feeling part of what I have programmed myself to intellectually know. I have not used it yet, but I will begin to do so and continue to work on this script until it quickly and effectively accomplishes its purpose.

May it bless you and serve you well!


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