Habit Breaking Visualization

I am walking slowly along a road. My body feels weighted down. I am wearing two heavy braces on my wrists. I glance down at them. There are no visible locks or seams. I don’t know how to remove them.

Looking back up I see that I am drawing closer to a fork in the road. I also see a signpost with two signs on it. One points to the left and says, “Continue Doing It.” The other sign points to the right and says, “Stop Doing It.”

Suddenly I feel my body pulled to the left hand path. Its arms come up on their own – I am unable to control them. I struggle against it with all my strength and fall to a kneeling position. I continue to resist, but end up face down and slowly dragged towards the left-hand path. There is nothing I can do, I can’t control my body, I feel helpless and weak.

Just as I am about to give up my body stops and I am in control of it again. I push it into a kneeling position and look up. Standing in front of me is a man in a white robe. He seems to glow and is smiling at me. I feel loved and at peace.

The man reaches down and pulls me to a standing position. Then he touches each brace, and they snap open. But they remain on my wrists. The man places a hand on each one and then looks at me. I understand he is asking for permission to remove them. I nod my head in a silent yes.

The man then pulls the braces off. In his hands each brace seems to disintegrate, turning into energy then disappearing. At the same time I feel lighter. I smile at the man saying a silent, “thank you” in my mind. Then I start walking down the right-hand path. I never look back, but I can still feel the presence of the man inside of me.

This is what I call a “Visualization Script” based on what I learned reading Maxwell Maltz’s, “Psycho Cyberneteics.” You use this script to, in essence, reprogram yourself. That is all a habit is at its heart. Just code, a collection of thoughts and beliefs. You programmed yourself, or were programmed, to continually do certain things. If these things are undesirable then the solution is to program yourself to stop doing them. This can, and should, work, for any habit, from smoking to needing munchies when you watch TV.

In this script the braces represent everything that pulls you towards doing something. The craving behind a cigarette. A compulsion towards an unwanted sexual urge. Anything and everything that seems to pull you. We’re not talking about something that you are able to resist, although it will work for that as well. But this is for those things that pull you, that you find yourself unable to resist or stop doing.

I emphasize the body as separate because it is. You are not your body or its mind. You are not your thoughts or these compulsions. They affect your body and your mind, but not the real you, that part of you that will live on long after the body has ceased to function. The day you leave your body you also leave these things behind. So it is good to start seeing the separation between the real you and the body you typically identify with.

The man, to me, represents the Source. To you it may be God, or Buddha, or Mohammad, or whatever or whoever you wish. He should represent whatever or whoever you think of as God. The entity that is able to free you of everything the braces represent. You could see this person as your true or higher self. You can replace he with she or it if you wish. This entity may also be your spirit guide or animal totem. It is a power you initially see outside yourself to free you, but which, you realize at the end of the script, is really you, a part of you or connected to you. Feel free to adapt the script as you wish.

I think the rest of the script is pretty self-explanatory. To use it copy the text into your favorite word processor or text program. Adapt it to fit your needs. Keep it short. Also keep the braces non-specific and unlabeled. They are to represent everything that is pulling you, and you may not know what all those things are.

Once it is ready print it out and keep it close by. You may want to fold it up and stick it in your purse or pocket. Or with your pack of cigarets. If you have a particular thing you want to use it for keep it close to that thing or in some way associated with it. The next time you feel the pull to do whatever it is you want to stop doing, shut yourself away somewhere private, turn off all distractions (like your cell phone), make it clear you are to be left alone for a few minutes, and dig out the script.

Now read it. It is short for a reason. It should be easy to picture and memorize. Not word for word, but so you know what is happening and the flow of events. Because once you have it down, close your eyes and visualize, to the best of your ability, the things in this script happening in your mind’s eye as if it were a movie. You can add it extra details and be as creative as you wish, using this script as a template. Be sure to feel everything going on, and if you can use your senses. Maybe visualize some flowers along the road and then smell them. Maybe there is a creek nearby and you can hear it. Include as many of your senses as you can,

What you see may be a series of pictures, it may be a movie, or it may be something else. Make it as close to a movie as possible, if you are not able to that is perfectly OK. Do not judge yourself, do not criticize. You are not more or less special because you can or can’t see this like a movie. Not everyone is able to work in the mind’s eye the same way, and it is like a muscle, so if you haven’t exercised it in a while it may take time until you whip it into shape. Just do the best you can.

Run the mental movie, up to three times if you wish, no more. You really should only need to run it once each time you feel the pull or compulsion. You might have to read it, get back to whatever you were doing, then the compulsion may return, and you will need to read it again. This is not a quick-fix solution. This solution is effective and permanent. Time has gone into the wrong programming, time needs to go into the right programming. It is like carving a stone statue. It may take time, but if done right, it will last forever.

Sometime later you will find you need to read the script less and less. Eventually you will just stop. This happens automatically when you no longer need it and the programming has been completed. I had two scripts in my past, one for depression I had to run a lot, and another for anger. I literally reprogrammed myself to stop being depressed and angry.

This is not a lie or an exaggeration. I am not telling you to do something I have not done. I have done this, and I am using this new script to handle unwanted sexual compulsions and food cravings. It works. How does it work? Because your mind can not tell the difference between a real or imagined experience. How many times have you been in a dream and thought it was real? The more “there” you are in your mind in the script the more real it is as far as your mind is concerned. So be aware that having doubts about it will only make it less effective. Allow no room for doubt – do not sabotage yourself and the improvements you wish to make in your life.

Always remember to give power to whatever or whoever you call or think of as God. That this entity or energy is more powerful than your habit, compulsion, programming and anything else in your life. All you have to do is remember that this entity or energy is more powerful than anything you have, can or will ever experience. It is able to free you of everything that draws you, pulls you, or seems to take control. The only way a habit, a sexual compulsion or a cigarette can have any power over you is if you let it.

And contrary to AA, with all due respect to the organizations and their work, saying, “I Am An Alcoholic” creates that reality. Thinking you will always struggle with your addiction to alcohol will create that exact reality for yourself. The more strongly you and others believe it, the quicker that reality will manifest and become your experience. So instead of saying, “I Am An Alcoholic” or “I Am A Drug Addict” or “I Am…” any other unwanted thing, try, “I Am Free of Alcohol” or “I Am Free of Drugs” or something like that. Do not give the thing you want to be free of any power over you. Instead of thinking you will always struggle with this, think feel believe and see yourself as free of it.

Besides you are lying when you say “I Am…” this negative or unwanted thing or that unwanted or negative thing. Do you honestly think your true or higher self is an alcoholic? That who you really are is addicted to drugs? No, it is all your body and its software, your mind where the cravings and your response to them lie. Ultimately it is all in the programming of that software through the beliefs you have and the thoughts you think.

I will share more scripts, maybe even dig out my old anger and depression ones for those who need them. May this script and the Truth in these words serve you well.


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