God Is Love

Some religions such as the Jehovah’s Witness, view God as some sort of judgmental, wrathful entity. As I was in the shower tonight I thought about this. The people in these religions are like the twisted, dwarf trees you see along the Pacific Coast. They can be hundreds of years old, but their growth has been stunted, and the winds and storms through their long lives have twisted them.

This is the perfect illustration of someone who is not allowed to develop spiritually. They may have been following their religion for many years. The love of the sun shines on them, and they view it with equal ambivalence as the rain or wind. Due to their limiting beliefs life twists them and hinders their growth.

When you emerged from the womb, gasping for those first breaths, you had everything you needed for your spiritual development. Everything else that you acquired later, from your clothing to your ego, is a human construction, not a Divine one. You were born perfect, just as you were, and all that has been added to your life since then is extraneous.

You were not born with a Bible or any other holy text. Nor were you born with a teacher. Nor were you born with clothes, any sense of good, bad, right or wrong. You did not judge, did not criticize. You lived in the moment and experienced. When you were hungry you asked, in the only way you knew how, for sustenance. You were open and receptive, taking in whatever was offered, completely trusting. You had no sense of self, no identity, no sense of separation to all the things around you. All of these things are learned experiences, handed down by the ones who raised you, your society, and your religion, then adopted by you.

More and more I realize that God, or, as I refer to this energy, the Source, is love. Too often when we humanize God we give the Source of all life human interests, ideals, flaws, gender, personality, etc. My thought is that God is really just energy, an energy of pure, unconditional love and creativity, the Source of the energy that gives us life and connects us back to the Source of that life.

Jehovah, as detailed in the Old Testament, may indeed be a puritanical, judgmental entity easily driven to wrath. But this Jehovah is not what God, the Source, really is. It is another construct, another tulpa, another thought form, like Satan. In Truth you are not a sinner and you do not need to be saved. In Truth you are not being judged by God or tempted by Satan. In Truth you merely make choices, and then experience the consequences of those choices.

Karma, sin, judgment, various perceptions of God, Heaven, Hell and Reincarnation all exist because people believe that they exist, and in whatever specific way they believe these exist. The Jehovah God of the Jehovah Witness is a terrifying entity to serve. The Christian God slightly less so.

The Truth is only the Source exists, and its creation. Part of the creation energy is what man has tapped into collectively to create their various ideas of God and the afterlife. But it all has a singular, solitary Source, and human limitations are not a part of this entity. I will let others debate whether or not that entity is experiencing life through us or if we are merely connected to it.

It is time to stop drinking the milk of any religion that has a limited view of God, especially a religion that gives God any of man’s attributes. Because the Source is not mortal, and as different from mortal beings as fire is from water. It s time to dig into the meat, so to speak, of true spiritual growth not confined to the pages of any scripture or holy text. It is time to be open and receptive to a new idea of your Creator, the giver of all life.

Let the storms of life blow around you, Stop resisting. Let go, experience and flow. Drink in the warmth of the sun’s love, experience the coolness of the rain. Trust that God loves you, the Source provides and there is nothing to worry about or fear. It is time to return to the womb and be born again, this time to emerge in a spiritual sense the same way you did physically. Reach out trusting to the Source when you are in need. Be open and receptive to the Source. Cry and laugh as the occasion merits. Let go of your sense of separation, of us VS them. Let go of your ego. Let go of pride and all these things you used to call sin. Release it all and let it go. No more judgment, no more criticizing. Stop being a twisted tree on a cliff and become the spiritual redwood you were always meant to be.


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