You Never Need Healing

Are you fighting something? A summer cold, the flu, aids, cancer? Then you have made your first mistake. It’s OK, you don’t know any better. You are never sick. You never have a summer cold. You never have aids. You never have cancer. It is your body that seems to be experiencing these things. Your first mistake is to identify yourself with your body.

You are not a sinner. You are not imperfect. You do not need saving. You never need healing. You, beyond the mind, its thoughts and the body you have been raised to identify yourself with, is perfect and divine. As Florence Scovel Shinn says, “There is no sickness in Divine Mind.” If whatever or whoever you call God brings sickness and death, well if I were you I would find another religion.

The truth about God, whatever name you call Him/Her/It, is that His/Her/Its true form is simply energy. There is no ego, none of the failings of what we associate with humanity. This energy is perfect, loving and creative. It does not punish, judge, criticize, get angry, get jealous, require sacrifice or anything else. You are tied directly to this energy, it is what gives you life, and you can use that energy however you wish. There is no punishment, no judgement, no karma, no threat of eternal damnation. There are only consequences for your choices.

How can your body be sick? You are connected to a source of Infinite Healing! How can you be poor? You are connected to a source of Infinite Resources! The real you already has everything it needs! The sooner you wake up to the fact that you have a direct connection to the source of everything you would give the human constructed label of good the quicker you can make the circumstances of your life exactly what you want them to be! In fact, without your awareness of it, you have already done this. The circumstances of your life now, at this present moment, are exactly those that you have created. Consciously or subconsciously it does not matter. The beliefs you have claimed as your own, your thoughts about reality, about your life, about yourself – all of these and more have the consequence of the life you experience right now. You really did bring this affliction on your body, and as you have brought in on your body you can also remove it from your body. The same thing can be said for any mental or emotional affliction.

Choosing to give power to whatever it is your body is fighting is still a choice, whether you call it that or not. It is up to you where you ascribe (give) power. To heal your body you only have to give power to yourself, if you do not follow a religion, or the God you serve, if you do. But I would say even giving this power up to some other entity outside yourself is not the best choice. Better to realize that the power which gives you life is more powerful than anything in Creation. Know this, believe it and feel this Truth in every cell of your body. It is up to you to claim this power for yourself, to take control, to be responsible for your life and experiences.

Also do not dwell on what you do not want. Don’t lay there thinking, “I don’t want to die!” Every time you have that thought, or something similar, you give death power over you. Why do you believe you will die from your cancer, your aids or whatever “life threatening” disease your body is afflicted with? “Well because so-and-so did…” or “Because everyone knows that you die from this…” or “Because that is what I read on the internet…” or “Because that is what my doctors say…” Bullshit!

Nobody died from this affliction. Their body ceased to function. But no life was ultimately threatened. And just because a million others died from the same thing does not mean you will. Doctors know about the human body, but they can only know it in general. Every human body is different, and even if they were all exactly the same the software (programming) that allows you to interact with your machine is different, and even if that were also the same, the pilot is different, and even if that were the same the choices you can make can be different.

There is a raging debate going on about uniqueness and how we are not truly separate, that we are all connected to each other and our world. That there is no “I”, no pilot at all! I haven’t been able to wrap my head around this yet. But I remain open and receptive to the possibility it is true. But what I do know is that we all make our own choices. And those choices have consequences. And those consequences can be that you die, like everyone else, or that you live, like a few others. That’s something else to keep in mind. Some have beaten the very thing your body is afflicted with. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is unbeatable, not even death itself.

The reason you grow old and die is because you watched your parents grow old and die, and they watched their parents, on and on to the beginning of this human construct we call time. Yet of the Bible is accurate at all there was a time when people lived hundreds of years. Even today some make it well past their 100’s, despite all the facts and figures about the environment, pollution, stuff in our food, etc, that tell us we shouldn’t live past 70. This belief that your body will grow old and die is not yours. Spend some time thinking about it. You will see it is adopted from sources outside yourself. And the same thing applies to your beliefs about your body’s affliction.

Cancer, aids and other “life threatening” diseases are not a death sentence. You can’t die. You never will. The only thing that could die is your body. It can only die if you buy into any beliefs that say it will as a result of whatever it is you are fighting. You make a choice when you do this to let your body die. Are you really ready to give up and stop living? Are you sure you are done here in this world? Have you experienced all you want to experience? No? The get off your ass and start telling yourself, “I Am Healthy!” “I Am Well!” Accept the condition of your body, but understand, know, believe and feel that this is not real.

If the body can be sick it can also be well. You choose which it will be. Refuse to give into doubt and fear. Know that you are healed, that there is no sickness in Divine Mind, that you were not born into this earth to experience sickness and death, that these are adopted conditions you no longer believe in. With every fiber of your being, with a deep knowing that surpasses belief, live every moment in the knowledge that your body is healthy and well. That you are more powerful than this affliction. Refuse to give it any of your power. Your focus is only on being healthy and well. As I have said in another writing you are the woman reaching out in faith for Jesus’s robe, knowing that if you touch it you will be healed. This is your mindset and the level of faith you must have. You are reaching out to your Higher Self, that energy inside you that is truly you, not your body, not your mind, knowing that this energy inside you heals your body. You touch that energy and you are healed, and this can be instantaneous.

These words, the things I have said here, go against the grain of what society teaches. We are raised to believe our parents, believe in things like old age and death, believe that doctors know what’s best for us. Or we are raised to believe that we shouldn’t use doctors at all. These are all adopted beliefs, and they are all wrong. Doctors exist for a reason, you should definitely make use of them if you can. But you should never ascribe power to your doctor to heal you, nor should you ascribe it to your religion (set of beliefs.) Whether or not you are healed is solely your decision, the same for any young ones in your family you are responsible for,m until they can take charge of their own bodies. Make use of all the resources that society provides, but do not buy into any beliefs that weaken your own faith and inner knowing. There is no room here for doubt and fear.

I can not claim to know all the intricacies of this process. It seems to take time, which of course is a human perspective, for things to manifest (become real) here on the physical plane. There may be factors involved I am not aware of. I can tell you that I have been sick a few times, and I get well much quicker now. I ascribe power to the Source, knowing that it is more powerful than any affliction of my body, and that the real me draws from that power. Of course it could be that the Advaitist’s are right, that I and the Source are really one and the same. That there is no separate entity “out there.” Again I have not been able to get that far yet. But I am growing and learning. I am open and receptive to the Truth, whatever it may be. I am like a flower open to the sun, angled to the sun’s warmth, knowing by that warmth that it is there. Someday I may realize that I am sun! We shall see.

So don’t make the mistake of saying, “I am sick…” because that only makes sickness the reality you experience. Likewise do not say, “I don’t want to die!” because that is a lie. You can’t die, only your body. When you focus on what you don’t want that is powering this negative thing with fear, which  once again makes it the reality you experience. Also let go of any negative beliefs you hold, especially the ones you have adopted. Just because it has happened a certain way in your past, or to others, does not mean it will happen to you the same way. That is probably one of the worst assumptions you can make. Don’t ascribe power to your doctor or your religion to heal you or anyone else. These can help but the healing choice remains with the one that has the affliction in their body. Understand that neither medicine or prayer have any power to heal. It is your belief in these that channels the healing power through them. so make use of doctors and prayer, but ascribe power to that divine energy that you think of as God. It is this energy that heals, not you, not your religion, not your doctor and not any medicine you could take. Remember Jesus said, “It is your faith that has made you well.”

It’s time to reprogram yourself and change the way you have been thinking. To break the chains of all the beliefs you have adopted. It’s time to think for yourself, take responsibility for your time here in the physical realm, and decide whether your body will be healed or remain sick, whether your body will live or die. The choice is yours. Not your doctor’s, not your parent’s, not anyone “out there.” It is up to you and you alone. If you can read and understand these words you can make this choice.


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