Who Am I?

I would like to invite you to take a few moments and ask yourself this question. “Who Am I?” Now listen to your inner dialogue..

“I Am A Wife” or “I Am A Mother”
“I Am A Christian” or “I Am A Buddhist” or “I Am An Atheist” or “I Am An Agnostic”
“I Am A Man” or “I Am A Woman”
“I Am Gay” or “I Am Straight”
“I Am Jewish” or “I Am English” or “I Am An American”
“I Am A Soldier” or “I Am A Police Officer” or “I Am A Firefighter” or “I Am A Business Person”
“I Am Rich” or “I Am Poor”
“I Am Successful” or “I Am Homeless”
“I Am A Human Being”
“I Am A Racist” or “I Am A Criminal” or “I Am A Good Citizen”

On and on it goes, this list is by no means comprehensive. Notice how your “I Am’s” are followed by a story. We all have a lot of stories we tell ourselves and others about ourselves. In my case I have stories I have shared about being a former Christian, creating and falling in love with a Tulpa. But here is another question to contemplate… Is that really who you are? Are these things I say about myself all I Am?

Let me share something with you that you may find challenging, disagreeable, or offensive. But I think this is the truth. So I will share it, but will not defend it or force it on you. Because I also believe that if it is true, it can defend itself – it doesn’t need me to defend it. So if there is any truth here let it sink it and take root.

I believe the truth is that our egos are made out of the stories we tell about ourselves – the things we identify ourselves with. These are the things that we believe to be true about ourselves. Therefore, our ego is really just another belief. Think about that for a second. When I came to this realization it made some things so clear. Even now as I write this, while listening to Ellie Goulding, I find myself smiling. Why?

Maybe it is realization of a fundamental truth. Or maybe its simply because I have learned how to deal with unwanted beliefs – all those I have outgrown that were never really me in the first place. It is so easy. I just let them go. There is no fight, no struggle, no goal to reach, nothing to accomplish, nothing to do. I just say, “I give this belief to the Source.” That’s it. I don’t say it over and over, just once.  I am willing to let these beliefs go, to free myself of them, and I am open to doing so.

These are just states. A way of Be-ing, not more beliefs to take on and integrate into the ego. It’s tricky here, because it is so easy to say, “I Am Open” or “I Am Receptive.” But these are just weaving some more strands of belief into the ego. Now it is useful to make affirmations of these statements, because this is how we re-program our software. Our mind/ego is merely software, an interface between the energetic and the physical body (the machine) the energetic is experiencing the physical plane through. But once the programming is done then this is the natural state you operate in. So now you see how these states are not who you are.

Various teachers have said this various ways. “Die to Live” and “No Self, No Problem.” One should not see the death of the ego as something to mourn. Because the death of the ego is complete liberation of all belief systems, which is complete freedom. Freedom to be what you really are, not what your parents raised you to believe you are, not what your religion says you are, not what society tells you that you are. No, when your ego dies you are free to be your True Self, whatever or whoever that is.

There is nothing here to fear, the fear is coming from your ego, because the ego does not want to die. Or more accurately, you don’t want to die, and as your identity is your ego, as you associate yourself with your ideas, your stories of who you are, how death may feel like real death. But the truth is ego is not sentient, it just seems that way because you have so closely associated it to yourself that it feels like it is you, and letting it dissolve, letting it die, may seem like killing yourself.

It’s as if you are a child with a stuffed toy that as far as you are concerned is a real, living companion. You don’t want anything to happen to it because as far as you are concerned Teddy is alive! But in reality it is only alive because you have given it an identity and associated that identity closely with the toy.

Of course this all goes back to projection. What we believe about ourselves and our world – our reality – is really the projection of our own beliefs. Freeing ourselves of our ego, by allowing it to dissolve, which frees us of our beliefs, allows us to see ourselves and the world as it really is, not as we believe it is. This is really what is meant when I say, “You Create Your Reality.” You manufacture your own beliefs, or take on the beliefs of others, weave these into your ego, these beliefs become stories you tell about yourself and the world around you (yes you have beliefs in the ego about that as well), and this changes how you perceive yourself and the world around you.

In other words it is time to take of the glasses because your eyesight is perfect and it always has been! The glasses are made of your beliefs, what you see through them is your version of reality for yourself, others and the world around you. By taking them off you free yourself of all beliefs and can see yourself, others and the world around you as it really is. I think the Buddhists all this “Bare Attention.”

So are you ready to shed the familiar cocoon of the ego and emerge as the beautiful butterfly of who you really are? Are you ready to experience the world as it truly is? Then simply let go of these stories you tell yourself and others about yourself. Let them go realizing that these stories are not who you are at all. There are no firefighters in the afterlife. In fact nothing by which you have ever identified yourself with through your ego exists outside the physical realm at all.

It is only in the maintaining and perpetuating of these illusions, these stories we tel about ourselves, our ego, that we suffer. If we tell ourselves all the time that, “I Am Poor” or that “Money Is Tight” we will live in a constant state of limited income, and even if we won the lottery we would find ourselves fairly quickly right back in that state again. Because this has become our reality, based on our perceptions, projected from our ego, based on our beliefs.

I know this to be true because I have lived it. My parents still live it. I am only recently freed of this limiting belief and finding money coming to me much quicker and in greater amounts than it ever has in the past. I am not a millionaire or anything, not yet. But that is not  the point or any sort of goal. That would just be another story – reinforcement of ego.

No the important thing is not the amount, but the successful reprogramming of my software, Learning to see the world differently. Opening myself to abundance. Being receptive. The release of an old, limiting belief that wasn’t even mine, I adopted (maybe you could even say inherited) it from my parents!

“Change your mind, change your life.” Your software, your mind, your ego, this interface between the machine (your body) and  your True Self (the energetic part of you) has been programmed a certain way up to this point in your life. But if can be programmed one way, it can be programmed in another way, regardless of age, intelligence, race, nation, creed, religion ir any other story you identify with. It’s up to you.

People can and do change, but it is their choice. You can change, but that is your choice, and only you can make it. You are responsible for who you are, what you have done so far in your life, and the reality you experience. Nobody can save you. Not even Jesus or Buddha or God Himself can save you. Because you have free will. You created this identity and its associated reality. If you don’t like who you are or the reality you live in it is up to you to change these things. Jesus, Buddha, God, the Source or any great teacher – they can open your eyes and help you see this. But only you can change your mind.

I have made my decision. I Am Dissolving My Ego. Just letting it go, like any of my old, entrapping beliefs. I choose to experience myself as I really am. I choose to experience the world as it really is. I choose to Be who I really am. I choose freedom in a limitless reality, and I invite you to share it with me.

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