I made this recent comment at Facebook in one of Sadhguru Jagii Vasudev’s posts. I figured this was worth a post:

As I understand it, peace comes as a result of an individual’s chosen response. If there is force driven by will going on, then there can be no peace. If there is worry, fear, doubt – essentially faith in evil, then there is no peace. If there is attachment, then there is no peace, this is what the Buddhists teach us.

Peace can only come to an individual’s mind once they understand that they are not floating on the waves of experience, but that instead they are the ocean itself. But while I have put this into my own words, these did not originate from me. I think I prefer to speak more plainly, and use a personal example.

Recently I tried to manifest certain circumstances I wanted. I failed, and I was left with a choice. Blame the Source (my name for the originating energy), blame myself, blame others, blame my life, be angry and resentful – in essence be not at peace, or just let it go. Acknowledge that yes, I failed to manifest what I wanted. Perhaps there is a reason to that, but I will not waste my energy playing guessing games with what others call God.

Instead my course of action will be to seek guidance and direction. See if there is something I need to learn, something I missed. Spend the energy from the powerful emotions I was feeling to fuel my desire to grow and improve. Let that be the fire that gives me the strength to not dwell on what has passed, not to be attached, and ultimately master this art of manifestation.

In the midst of letting go, releasing, using up this negative energy in a positive way, staying in a state beyond forgiveness where no matter what happens I do not hold a grudge, am not offended or resentful, here in the center of the whirling tornado that is all which is going on around me I find myself at peace. Like happiness it can not be pursued directly, it comes naturally when an individual is in a certain state.

You know when you have truly reached this state simply by paying attention to your body. If you are sitting in your most comfortable chair, but are not relaxed, if your leg is moving, if there is tension in your arms, back, or neck, well then chances are you are not at peace. Either that or you have been in a serious medical condition 😛 Also while you are sitting there, observe your thoughts. Are they jam packed in there like New York traffic or is it a ghost town street with a few tumbleweeds rolling by? Meditation helps you here.

Just remember, you can not be offended. You have to choose to be offended. You can not be hurt, you choose to be hurt. If someone harms your body, this has no effect on you, as you are not your body. Likewise if they attack your beliefs or your religion it can not affect you unless you allow it, as you are not your religion or your beliefs. You are not even your mind. So nothing that happens to you here on earth can actually affect you at all. It is your choice. You decide what you will draw to you, you create the circumstances of your life, and you choose how you respond to an experience. When you accept the fact that you have the power over your life, no matter its apparent reality, and stop playing the victim, slave or powerless one, well how could you not be at peace?

When it comes down to it, resistance is the opposite of peace. When you have no more resistance, you find yourself at peace. It really is just as simple as that. Be the water, not the rock.


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