About Evil

I have been reading “The Case for Reincarnation” by J. Allan Danelek – just went through chapter 9. So far in this book it is almost scary how similar this author and I think. We have been right on the same page pretty much from page 1. But in this chapter the author strayed by saying evil exists.

Mr. or Mrs. Danelek, if you are reading this, let me paint a scenario for you. God clicks his fingers together and all the humans on earth are whisked away somewhere temporarily. So now we have an entire planet returning to its natural state free of humans. Now imagine you were observing this place from somewhere. Look for evil. See if you can find it. That’s right, you can’t. Because evil does not exist.

OK, no addressing everyone collectively. You may be thinking, “but wait, wasn’t what so-and-so did evil?” OK bear with me a sec because I need to clarify something. Evil does not exist as a natural state of the physical realm at least, and more than likely the spiritual realm, which may be, as the author of the aforementioned book posits, merely two sides of the same coin. In that sense evil does not exist.

However evil manifests on the physical side of existence through the perceptions and actions of humans. Evil is a purely human creation. There is no Satan (Josh would be surprised to hear me say this) as the ultimate source of evil or sin. There is a Satan, a tulpa created by Christians with limited powers based on the collective beliefs of those who believe in him. But he is not the source of evil. Evil is and always will be a human perception.

Say someone comes up and stabs you to death. You may die thinking what that person did was wrong. The people standing around you may see this person as a murder. But maybe in his or her mind they are getting vengeance for some wrong you committed, or maybe they watched you kill someone last week, or perhaps they are suffering from PTSS and are reliving a fierce battle in some war. Whatever the case may be, they do not see what they are doing as evil or wrong.

This is what I mean. Whatever you point to on the earth, even to me for what I just said about Satan (thereby challenging the Christian belief system) and call evil, it is only evil for you and anyone else who feels/thinks/perceives/believes in a similar way. If you are a Christian you may point to me and say, “Satan made him say that!” or “Satan deceived him!” assuming of course that I could never say such things on my own, that I had to be inspired or led to say them by some ultimate source of evil.

However as far as I am concerned I am speaking out of love. When we humans collectively realize that we created the idea of evil, and thereby we can destroy it, we can rid ourselves of these chains that have bound us for so long, as well as create a beautiful utopia for society.

There is only one fly in the ointment, for the following thoughts presupposing reincarnation is true. If this is so then it may very well be that we have to experience evil in order to appreciate good. But I don’t think that it is necessary or any integral part of the physical side of life. I think what’s going on here is more akin to a roll of dice. In the spiritual realms I assume there is only love and light. As such the physical realm is needed as a place where evil may manifest, or is likely to manifest.

I think what happens is that a soul, on coming back into the physical, finds a couple that, the soul being aware of all life possibilities for the child, has one life possibility the soul wants to experience. But it is not definite. One of the possibilities could be abortion, and the soul could have been desiring another life entirely. Another possibility would be to experience great evil, either to perpetuate it or experience it, so that the soul can understand it. Assuming the gamble pays off the soul learns what evil is, dies (or is killed as some sort of villain) and goes back to the spiritual side to rest and, perhaps after some time, choose another experience.

This all ties in very well with a, I hate to use the word, belief I have, that there is no fate or destiny. Fate and destiny can not exist in a world of true free will. Any more that oil and water can mix together. There is a likely path, thousands of them in the course of a life, and among those perhaps an ideal path, or perhaps certain paths become idea at certain times in a person’s life. But the soul is along for the ride, perhaps hinting, nudging, helping to direct in whatever way towards the path the soul wants to experience, which may or may not be the ideal path, but ultimately the personality, as the author refers to it, decides what happens.

Likewise there is no karma or balance. Only consequences for ones choices and actions. Not that some force is judging or punishing. Simply that if you decide to hit your hand with a hammer (for example) it will hurt. So we are entirely free agents, determining for ourselves what our lives will be, either subconsciously or consciously.

What do you think?


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