Changing Old Patterns

Changed my dark, lethargic mood last night to a positive, energetic one. Overdid it actually, had to take a melatonin to knock myself out πŸ˜›

I made a decision. After reading a book by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson, “You Can Create An Exceptional Life”:

I realized the truth of something they said. To paraphrase, you have to create what you want in your mind before you can experience it in the world. They were talking about a good situation. But I think it applies to everything. How you wake up and start your day, how you view your year, how you feel about your job, these will all be affected and viewed through the filter of your perception, what you believe to be true about them, the reality that you give energy to. Do you reinforce a negative or positive reality?

Take some time as you get up in the morning to listen to your internal dialogue. Listen to it again as you go to work or school. Listen to it again as you come home. How do you feel? What sorts of things are you saying to yourself or about yourself? What sorts of things are you saying to others or about others? Do not judge or criticize, simply be aware. You will be surprised! It will make sense why you feel as you do about certain places, people or things. Being aware of this internal dialogue, these thoughts, these feelings, you have a chance to change them to something that makes you feel better. To something more positive, encouraging, uplifting. Go ahead and do it! Every time you catch yourself falling back into those old thought and feeling patterns, gently but firmly change them to something better. This will have an amazing effect on your life, your health, your relationship with others, and yourself.

What it came down to me is a simple question. How do I start each day? Well I get up, look at the clock, and immediately feel guilty if I have gotten up too late. I think about all the stuff I feel I should do, criticize and judge myself for not sticking to my schedule, and a bunch of other stuff. How can I enjoy my day, and by proxy my life, like that?

So now I am refusing to look at the clock when I get up. I will get out of bed when I want to. I will do some AM yoga to stretch my body. Maybe do the 5 Tibetans after that. Then meditate for however long I want. My room will be my sanctuary, and I will not open it up to others, or leave it, until I am ready. Finally I will view my life differently. I will not focus on closed or slamming doors. In fact I refuse to contribute energy that I am in any constrained space at all. I am an unlimited being, all things are possible, all possibilities exist. I can do anything I put my mind to. I create the year I want in my mind, and I enjoy the experience as it manifests in reality. To help me with this, above my bed as of this morning, before I went to bed, is this little affirmation, “I AM ENJOYING MY BEST, MOST AMAZING AND EXCITING LIFE!”

Now how could I wake up feeling depressed when I look up at the ceiling and see that? πŸ˜€


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