I was commenting back and forth with someone here at Facebook, and some stuff came up that challenged, to my mind at least, the manifestation stuff I have been teaching/sharing.

The question is, if this really works, why am I still in my same circumstances? Unsuccessful by society’s standards, still single despite my work on manifesting a reality of the woman I share my life with, etc.?

The answer to that is simply that my belief energy is not the only belief energy going out there, into the ether somewhere, to be manifested as what we call reality based on our physical senses.

There are many in the world who believe that there is scarcity, that they have to get theirs before someone else does. There are those who believe in taking what they want. There are those who believe they deserve wealth/power, and others who believe the same (politicians anyone?)

Somehow what I call he mechanisms sort all this out and manifest these disparate realities based on whatever ones have the most energy behind them. If I could get 100,000 people to believe with me in a reality that I have property, a house, a wife and everything else I want then it would manifest very quickly. But alas there is only me and my energy, perhaps the woman I am to spend my life with and her energy, and that is it.

Here’s the real question for you… If this doesn’t work, if you can not control your reality with your mind, then how come the news, media movie and TV all collectively work very hard to get you to see things a certain way? Furthermore why is this viewpoint the same across all these streams of information coming to us?

According to what these sources say the world is a dark, cruel, unsafe place. A place where we can have anything we want if we just put our noses to the grindstone and work hard for as long as they want. In many circles it is a place ruled by God, and this world is not even our home, so why should we care for it? It will be destroyed anyway and we will go to some better place. This world is also a place where everything can be solved with a pill, milk is good for you, mutated strains of diseases are “out there”, the government will soon shut down and this is somehow bad, on and on. Everything is painted in very dark colors that do not benefit you at all. How come so much money and effort is put into these streams of information? Why is it that we are supposed to believe that there is not enough to go around, happiness is a new car, house, pill or man/woman with a sexy body, and everyone is out to get you? Why?

I’ll tell you what I think. I think that certain forces at work in the world, either individually (politicians/CEOs) or collectively (The Vatican), for reasons of their own, they want to control your perception of reality. Because what you think of as real is, to you, real. These forces want us all investing our belief energy into the same sources. This takes away our power, leaves us feeling as if we have no power, we can’t change anything, there is nothing we can do, things have always been this way, they just are what they are and there is nothing we can do.

So if I were to adopt a mission in life it would be simply this… That each person can choose the reality they experience. Not by ignoring whatever reality exists in the present moment. In fact spending no energy on that reality beyond simply acknowledging it. Then choosing the reality they want, assuming the feeling that their chosen reality is true, and investing all their energy into manifesting the reality they want.

Trees are not solid. They are made of space between vibrating molecules. But if you try to walk through one you will hurt yourself. Why? You are also made up of the same stuff. You should be able to walk right through it. But you can’t, because mankind has lived and died as a race for an unknown amount of time believing trees are solid because they feel solid. It is ingrained into you the moment you take your first breath out of the womb. Even if you changed your beliefs, knew that trees were not solid, you probably still wouldn’t be able to get through. Because your singular belief, even added to any others that believe the same, is nothing against the tide of opposing belief that exists and has existed.

So what has to happen is that mankind as a whole has to change their beliefs and evolve spiritually. Amazing things will happen when we, as a race, reach that next stage of evolution, discarding old beliefs, throwing out government, rules, regulation and religion, and living peaceably with each other, loving and accepting each other and themselves as they are. This is future I dream of and look forward to. At this present moment we may not be there, and to some it may seem that we are far from this ideal. I acknowledge how things appear. But I choose to invest my energy into this higher vibrational viewpoint of a spiritually and technologically advanced race.


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