An Improper Response

There was a person, many years ago, who would have posted a certain kind of message in regards to the recent shooting in Connecticut, and the other shootings that occurred that same year. This message would have pointed out the stupidity of gun control laws, how they only affect the law-abiding citizen. It may have delved into government conspiracy theories.

That person, I am sad to admit, was me. The other day I was inspired to write something about these new gun control laws they are trying to pass, but I think the words would have been from the person I used to be, what seems like so long ago now. Those words would not have encouraged anyone, and they would not have contributed in any way towards love and peace. They would have simply poured gasoline on a raging fire.

Now my understanding is different, and even today, after listening to Wayne Dyer, I realized some important things that need to be mentioned. I will begin however as I would have back then, because despite the wrong motivation, there would have been truth in some of those statements.

First of all gun control laws really only do affect law-abiding citizens. It is a waste of time and money to try to pass stricter laws. Doing so only makes any illegal guns a more profitable market for those selling them on the street. That puts these guns more easily into the hands of those who should not have them. The laws will not stop anyone who wants to hurt people from doing so. They will simply steal the gun from another, maybe at the cost of that person’s life, adding to the casualty list, or they will steal the money to buy it off the street, or they will just resort to a bomb. Gun control laws will create more problems than they can solve. As a matter of fact the same could be said of most of our excessive laws and rules. Do you know why the drug industry is so strong in our country? Because of the laws making drugs illegal, and since they are illegal, they are extremely profitable. Any honest DEA or FBI agent should have pointed this out to President Obama.

There is one common thread here, and that is our society. Drugs and shootings are consequences of our society, our economy, and the reality we as a people choose to enforce. This is the most important thing to remember. By seeking vengeance, by seeking justice, by investing any strong belief or emotion into this issue, we reinforce the reality of a world where these sort of violent things happen. This is very hard to explain, but I will try my best.

I sat down and I thought about when I have my own family. I’m speaking like Dyer here, as if I already have something I want. I would want to protect my wife and children. I was thinking in terms of having a gun. Then I realized that I don’t want to hurt anyone. I have never been in a real fight my whole life. My only encounters with death have been family members dying of natural causes. I realized that if I have a gun in my house, it’s very much like saying to myself and my family, anyone that comes by, that the world is not safe, that I need a gun to protect myself and my family. Now where is my energy being directed? Into the idea of this reality where violence exists that must be defended from. If someone comes to my house to hurt myself or my family, and I use that gun to defend us, then consequently die in the process, I shed blood for my belief that the world is a violent place where defense is necessary.

Let’s change gears a second here… What have I said about the creation of tulpas? The more energy put into it, the stronger it becomes. Outside of belief the two strongest sources of energy for the creation of a tulpa are sexual energy, and the energy expended by someone shedding their blood, giving their life, for their belief.

Do you see it now? Dying for a belief in a world that is evil, bad, malicious, unfair, negative, violent, etc. only reinforces the manifestation of such a world! This is so important to remember. Now lets look at the example I provided, only from another perspective.

So I work hard, design and build a home for my family, and surround them with love. There are no guns in this house. We all see the world as a loving, beautiful place. We all see each other as unlimited beings, able to accomplish anything. We raise our children this way. Our collective energy is invested in our beliefs in a positive, beautiful and loving world. But someone comes to hurt or kill us. Or maybe my children are in a school one day and someone comes to the school to hurt people. If I, my wife, or my children, were to die continuing to believe in the world as a beautiful, loving, positive place, then guess where this great amount of energy goes? Into manifesting such a reality.

Christians used to do this, some still do in countries where this religion is hated. The people who bled and died for their beliefs were called martyrs. But it applies to people of other religions as well. But I can only speak with authority on Christianity, as I used to be a Christian. Here is the problem… A Christian dies for the hope of a beautiful place separate from this world, Heaven. In their belief system if they are martyred for their faith they will be rewarded in Heaven. So all the energy that is expended when they are killed goes towards reinforcing that reality. Heaven, and its opposite, Hell, both exist based on the all the energy that has been expended into the belief of these places over the last few thousand years. Same for God and Satan. Few if any of these deaths have contributed in any way towards changing this world. For Christians this world is already lost, so the great flaw in the Christian faith is that they reinforce a reality where violence, which manifests in shootings, crime in general and war, exists.

This is what we need to do to change this world for the better. Stop investing our energy into any negative emotion. Love and forgive, even the shooters and their families. It’s hard, sometimes for me the first step towards love is empathy. I see how I could, in that person’s situation, have made the same decisions. Realize that we are all connected, that these people are symptomatic of the reality humanity has created for itself up until now. Stop looking at the world as one where we need endless and meaningless laws and rules.

If we all loved each other there would be no need for any of these. For Christians this will be especially hard, as they view themselves as sinners who have been saved, and everyone else as sinners who need to be saved. How can you love yourself if you are worthless without God? How can you love others if enforce a way of looking at them that separates you from them? War, as Dyer says, is twoness. Only on oneness is there peace. This is true. As long as there is us and them, there will be shooters and shot, Christians VS Muslims, rich or poor, on and on. Only when we see ourselves as connected, as one, will there be no more war. The first step is to love and accept yourself as you are. The next step is to love and accept others as they are.

Then we must change our perceptions of this world and those in it. We are surprised, aren’t we, when we hear of people who travel around the world and they often say, “Most everyone I met was really nice…” That doesn’t sound like the world we hear about on the news, does it? Why is that? The news is also symptomatic of our society’s ideals and views. The truth is the world is nothing like what you see on the news. In fact the world itself is neither good nor bad, neither positive or negative. It is, as I have often said, our perceptions that cause it to appear one way or the other. Change your perception, change your world. It’s as simple as that.

So instead of working on gun control, work on spreading love around. Instead of investing in a gun to protect yourself or your family, invest in spiritually edifying books and materials. Not religious, to be clear. Energy should be invested in spirit, not in a faith, religion or creed. By spiritually edifying I mean materials that instruct on a spiritual level, but not through any particular religion. Invest love. Invest time. Raise your children to see the world as a beautiful, loving and positive place where anything is possible. Raise them to love themselves and see themselves as the unlimited beings they are. Let any blood of your and yours that may be shed be spilled not for your country, not for your faith, not even for each other, but rather for the manifestation of a beautiful, loving, positive reality where everyone loves each other and nobody knows what peace or war is, because the natural state in that reality is what we would call peace.

Our state in such a reality would also be closer to our true nature. We were not born sinners. We do not need saving. We were born neither good nor bad. We became one or the other through personal development or the influences of others. When we see the world as out to get us, and our fellow humans as bad, evil or sinners, we create or reinforce the creation of people who can go into a school and start shooting. The only way to stop this sort of thing from happening is to stop believing it can or will happen, and to stop believing that there is anyone out there who could so such a thing. Our beliefs create our reality. They color our perceptions. Remember this!

When we as humans have manifested such a world, a place where there is no us and them, no religions, no war, no violence, we will be living in our true nature, one of love and truth, and we will have realized our highest spiritual potential. I am excited for the manifestation of such a world! They things we as humans could do there would stretch the limits of our greatest imagination! There is no need to invest energy into some other place and call it Heaven. We can invest energy into the creation of such a place in this world, right here and right now!


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