Perceptions and Vibrations

I think tonight I have realized some of the missing elements from my previous post, “The Truth About Balance.” I have been reading Doreen Virtu’s, “Divine Magic” which is essentially the Kyballion with the author’s thoughts. I have just read Sacred Principle Number Three – The Principle of Vibration.

I have said before, and others have written the same, that there are higher and lower vibration states. I have said, and others have written, that these vibration levels are not so much stacked on on top of the other but all together in one place. However since each one is of a progressively higher vibration frequency we only experience the reality of the one that matches our own vibratory rate. That means here on earth, possible the lowest vibration, we experience a world of seemingly solid objects, senses, etc.

This all appears to be supported and taught in the Kyballion. But I had to wonder, how does this tie in with where we put our energy, with ideas of positive and negative? The answer, these are all human constructs, based on human perceptions, and are therefore of lower vibratory rate! In other words, there is no good, evil, bad, good, law, lawless, desirable, undesirable, love, hate or anything else! These things are not a part of the world as it is, and if we see it in the world around us it is, once again, because of our perceptions!

So then, what does it mean to vibrate high or low? Nothing. I mean that there is no consequence, no judgement, no punishment, etc. Vibration simply is. You vibrate at a particular level, and you can raise or lower it at will. What appears to be consequence is merely something like a magnet attracting metal filings. When you vibrate lower by putting your energies into earthy matters you attract things that vibrate at the same frequency. If you vibrate sexual activity and are actively seeking females to couple with, then you will attract females who are also actively seeking sexual activity. Replace sexual activity with drugs, video games, hatred, love, whatever you like.

But if you vibrate at a higher frequency, focusing your energy on higher matters such as spiritual concerns, love for yourself and your fellow humans, healing for yourself or others, so on and so forth, well then you attract things into your life of that same vibratory rate.

So how does positive or negative come into this? Intention. It all comes back to Intention! Your Intention drives/directs/focuses the energy you are sending based on the the frequency at which you are vibrating, and we are not talking about your body’s vibration here but your energetic (mental, spiritual, etc.) vibrations. It’s your Intention or Motivation here that determines where your energy goes.

If you seek to think only positive thoughts because you don’t want to think negative ones, you may be vibrating at a higher level but your are giving energy into both. Not sure how exactly this works, but at some point you will be vibrating lower because of your motivation or intention to not be negative, a focus on what you do not want. This is how you give power to things in society that you may not want to give power to. This is the actual trap I think.

But if you seek to think only positive thoughts simply because you want to vibrate at a higher level, without judgment or criticizing, without any negative focus on anything behind it, then you will give your full energy into the higher vibratory state and attract things of that state into your life.

I don’t know how to make this clearer, I hope I have explained it well enough. I once said something about Hammer, Nail and Structure in regards to Belief, Intention and something else. Well the force that drives the hammer is your Motivation or Intention. Not sure which word works best here or if I’m fitting them in the right spot. Still have a lot of thinking to do on this subject. Just remember that your motivation for vibrating at a higher rate will determine where your energy is invested. So the wrong motivation will give energy to things that you don’t want, or are negatively focused on. To avoid this you have to be purely motivated, without judgment or bias.

If I think of anything more I will post it.


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