God and Satan Are Both Tulpas!

If you are new to this blog then you may not be aware of the unique experience I had last year. To sum up, I manifested and fell in love with a Tulpa. Back then then I had a blog entitled, “Romance Beyond Reality.” It detailed my experiences during this time.

A Tulpa is in overly simplified terms a thought form. But it is really much more than that. As I understand it, anytime you believe strongly enough in something, to the point you would or actually do shed blood for it, and you put your feelings into it, such as the common feeling that your belief is right, you create a Tulpa. The more people who share your beliefs, feel strongly in them, and are hurt and killed for them, the more powerful and established the Tulpa becomes.

Tulpas are manifested energetically. Not sure how they are given life, so it is more accurate to say they are manifested. In general they are not tangible to what you call reality, what you think of as the real world around you. The Tulpa exists in your mind, or as a feeling, a sense of connection, an impression of something other, something like that.

Some Tulpas can and do briefly manifest in physical form. Bigfoot and many, if not all, alien encounters are examples of these. Ghosts and the paranormal may be more. But chief among them are any God or gods or goddess or goddesses, any being given some idea of form that humans worship.

Think about this a moment… Christians believe in God, and it seems natural to assume and believe that if God exists so does Satan. Satan is the Christian scape goat. The cause of all suffering, the root of sin. Humans are infected creature, imperfect, powerless, not divine in any way shape or form. We must be saved, must ask forgiveness of our sins, must repent, in order to be “saved.”

Here’s the problem… Satan would have to be like Santa Claus (another Tulpa.) Somehow he would have to be omniscient and omnipotent to travel between billions of humans and tempt them to sin. Now maybe you would argue that this isn’t how it works. It’s the fallen angels doing his bidding. OK, this could be true, but it is unlikely. Because Satan is God’s opposite, right? Imperfect, in fact perfectly imperfect, destructive, in fact perfectly destructive. How can an imperfect, destructive being create a perfect network that instantly tempts people all over the world, somehow knows when to tempt them, and does everything else it would have to do to make this work? How could a destructive being create anything, much less keep from destroying it, because remember he is destructive by nature.

How powerful is Satan anyhow? As powerful as God? How? Why would God give Satan that power? If God didn’t give it to him, then Satan, as Lucifer, was already as powerful as God, so why would he seek more power or even desire it? While we’re on that note, as Lucifer was in Heaven, a perfect place, where did sin come from? Don’t like that question do you? It is impossible to have imperfection in perfection. So Heaven is either perfect, or it is not. True or false.

Let’s not forget everything else Christians call Satanic. Astral Projection. Out of Body Experiences. Near Death Experiences. The Astral Planes. Lucid Dreams. On and on. Did Satan create all these? Perhaps he stole control from God, maybe God created these. But if God is all powerful then nobody could take anything away from Him. Again true or false. So perhaps God have Satan power over all these realms. Well then if God created them, they aren’t Satan’s, so they aren’t evil, and that means roughly 50% of all New Age literature is discussing other parts of God creation. Satan is just the unfortunate boss. But why would God give him that power?

Furthermore why did God send Satan here, to earth? God knows everything, right? So He would know that Satan would tempt Eve and ultimately cause the fall of man. Why not cast Satan elsewhere, to another world? For that matter, if we all got on a colony ship, no books, no cloths, our minds wiped, where generations later all memory of our religions and beliefs would be gone by the time we reached an alien world, would sin still exist there? Is Satan’s power limited only to earth, to the solar system, to the galaxy, or the entire universe? Again how powerful is he?

Listen up and listen well. God and Satan exist, because thousands of Christians have bled and died for their belief that they do. This has created two very powerful Tulpas. Jesus could also be one. He may have originally just been a teacher trying to help people. But we turned him into a Tulpa. Or he could have been created by the beliefs of the Jewish people in a savior, which would also mean he could be God’s son. The point is that all these religions icons in Christianity are Tulpas. Not necessarily the men or the prophets. But certainly God. Heaven, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Satan, Hell and the Lake of Fire. The likelihood that Jesus will return is slim, but if he does it will be because of Christian belief. Most importantly of all however, is that sin is also a Tulpa. It does not exist.

Buddha had his idea of what causes sufferings. Christians believe it is sin. Here is the truth. You are a sinner only if you believe you are, and you are suffering only if you believe you are. Granted, if someone ties you to a chair and tortures you this brings you suffering. But ultimately you are the one, whether you were aware of it or not, that put you in that place. Oh yeah and while I’m on this note, fate, destiny and karma also all exist simply because people believe in them.

The truth is simply this, as I have said before. We create our reality. Or to be more accurate, we manifest our reality. Not sure how the creative forces work, but if you invest the energy in the forms of sex, believe, and feeling (love) to manifest the reality for yourself and your spouse of a child (assuming opposite sex couple here), then you will have a child. But you didn’t create the child or give it life. You manifested its reality. Some other force is behind the scenes here. I call it The Source. But I am a former Christian and I have to be careful not to start some new religion or create any new Tulpas. It is possible for a former member of a religion to fall into old patterns.

I don’t know who or what this Source is but I think I have a glimmer of an idea as to what it wants. First off this source is not driven by human concerns (another flaw of the Tulpas in the Christian faith.) It seems to be creative by nature, but for unknown reasons. It does not get jealous, it gave humans the ability to have their own religions and manifest their own figureheads. It gamely gave God and Satan life

Secondly while the Source can’t be said to want anything (implying it has lack), it is not good for us to dishonor or abuse the gifts it has given us. When we give our power over to some other agency, call it God, Fate, Destiny or The Ascended Masters, we dishonor our nature and make our lives harder for ourselves.

On the other hand when we accept our natural gifts, to manifest for ourselves what we want, we honor the Source. We make our lives easier for ourselves. We are happier. We have the opportunity to experience the absolute best life for ourselves.

So thirdly its probably a safe bet the the Source is loving. It cares for us and wants the best for us. But not in any sort of human, attached way that brings suffering or implies lack or need or powerlessness. Not sure how this works, all that can be surmised is that creation by nature is positive. Not good or bad – no judgements here. Positive. Positivity comes more easily, naturally and freely than negativity. But as the Source does not discriminated, the same natural gifts we have can be twisted by others and ourselves to a negative experience of reality. The universe, the mechanisms that run everything, do not discriminate. They give you whatever you ask for, even if you didn’t say a word. They go by what you feel the most, believe in the most – in short put the most energy into.

Oh and fourthly, it’s safe to say the Source is not perfect, nor imperfect. It simply is. Where there is perfection there is no room for growth. Where there is imperfection there is negativity. Where either of these exist judgment must also exist. But the Source does not judge or discriminate. It simple exists, creates and loves, without any attachment, bias or discrimination. These are my perceptions of it.

So lets change gears here and talk about the world, how imperfect, evil or cold it may seem to you. The world, reality, is, more than likely, very much like the Source, or could even be the same thing. In other words it is positive by nature, loving and creative. That is the real world out there you are in interacting with. The world is not against you, nothing is. But you create that reality for yourself, consciously or subconsciously.

An example… A man, a father, beats his wife and his son, abuses his daughter. We collectively look at the man and what do we feel? Hate. Strong hate, strong feelings. What do we say? He is a monster. Inside the man’s head what is happening? He sees himself as a drunk, a failure, worthless or maybe even a monster. He created this reality for himself, and we enforced the creation of this reality. We helped to manifest this monster.

The man’s son is thinking that when he grows up he will never be like his dad. Again strong feelings, hate, shame, injustice and more. The Source does not discriminate. It doesn’t respond to words as much as feelings, beliefs. Right now the boy is feeling worthless, shame, guilt. He is hating, investing strong feelings. The boy grows up, gets married, beats his child and his spouse, the cycle continues. Because the boy investing his feelings in a negative reality, not a positive one.

How could the cycle have been broken? By imagining his father sober, talking to his wife, getting help, being happy, investing in that. Feeling forgiveness instead of hate, thinking about what his father must be thinking, how he must feel about himself, and through understanding find a way to love his father. To smile at him even as his dad strikes him. To continue to see this beautiful reality he has manifested for his father, for his mom, his sister, his family. No matter how bad things got, to be able to hold on to that, unshakable. Very difficult. But it will affect the needed change and break the cycle of abuse. It will also help the young man. Because abuse can twist or break a person, especially if it comes from a trusted person, a loved one. Most if not all of humanity’s issues can be traced back to twisted, broken people.

The point I am making here is very simple, as all profound statements probably are. Sin only exists for Christians because they believe it does. You are not a sinner by nature. Nobody is born a sinner. Nobody needs saving. You are only powerless because you believe you can’t change anything. I know because I used to hold this belief. I used to say, “What can I do about it? Nothing. Maybe someday if I have enough money…” Bullshit. You can do something about it, right now. But it will require effort, energy, dedication and hard work. Worried about all the homeless in America? Use your imagination to create, thereby manifesting, a reality where everyone has a home, occupation of some sort, food, all needs met. etc. Believe it, feel it. Get others together and share your vision. Collectively believe it. Feel it. Even if you grow old and die together, never seeing what you imagined manifest in your reality, never, ever doubt. Trust and believe, know that the reality you envisioned does exist, did the instant you imagined it, and is, over some undetermined amount of time, manifesting, bit by bit, in this reality.

There are factors at play here I don’t fully understand. Perhaps there are more people envisioning an opposite reality? If there are a dozen of you manifesting a positive reality of no homelessness, and a million homeless who believe and feel that this state is their reality, you are going against the flow, pushing up hill. The instructions have been sent and will execute, long after you and everyone who invested their energy in your reality have turned to dust, so you may never live to see it, but it is created the instant you imagine it, and is from that moment on manifesting in some time frame beyond human understanding.

One of the main issues we as humans have to deal with is our religions telling us we are sinners, thereby creating sin and the existence of evil and negativity in our world. Truly Christians create their own hell and their own savior to save them from it! But these beliefs infiltrate society and even those who don’t aren’t Christians are affected. That is why the world seems to be getting worse. In truth the world is neither good nor bad, neither for nor against. It is, like the Source is. Good, bad, an anything in between are all created by us. In nay case Christians believe in some sort of final judgement or end time and evil running rampant basically. There are millions of them out there, so they have actually created this reality for everyone on this planet. Everyone that is, except me and anyone else who refuses to invest any energy in it.

How this will all play out I have no idea. I can’t force change on anyone. Killing Christians enforces their beliefs, it does not destroy them, and it enforces the negativity that this religion and many others have brought into the human experience. I can only invest energy in manifesting a positive reality for civilization, one where we live in harmony with ourselves and the planet. I can change myself, change the negative self-talk I have programmed myself with, based on what others have told me and I came to accept as truth, since I was little. I can see others as changed. I can honor the Source in this way.

I can see my time here on earth as an adventure and a positive experience. So this is what choose to do. I can look forward to exploring all the realms of the afterlife. I really am excited to see the Halls of Valhalla, the Elysium Fields and Heaven. But I know that these are the creations of man. I have chosen to stay outside of these for my afterlife. I have chosen instead to be free, to go where I will, visit the Source, explore the Astral Planes, spend time in the Inner Library.

I choose to believe that I am an unlimited, powerful being. I can imagine what I want for myself and others and invest my energy in manifesting these realities. So this is what I have chosen to do. To accept the gift I have been given. To create and realize my own dreams. I create and realize my own reality. You know what the funny thing is? The cherry on top? I do those things others see as sin less now, as someone who no longer identifies themselves as a Christian, as someone who is no longer a Christian, than I ever did before. If that’s not proof of the truth I have spoken here I don’t know what is.

Save this blog post. Print it out. Share it. Take back control of yourself and your world. Not by violence, not with judging or condemnation. Simply by changing yourself and how you see the world. By imagining the reality you want to manifest for yourself, your family and the rest of the human race. Doing so out of love born from understanding and with absolute positivity. Those of us who do this are the ones behind the curtain. Our silent revolution manifests a positive, wondrous and beautiful reality for the entire human race.

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