Create Your Reality! Video Series At YouTube

I have just finished a very long part 2 in the, “Create Your Reality!” video series I have uploaded to YouTube. Here are the links:

So why do I say stuff like, “I am manifesting it right now” or even “I have this” and “I have that” when, if you were to teleport yourself into my room, you would not see these things? What am I talking about when I say, “Sense Determined Reality” or “Non Sense Determined Reality?” Is it all just NonSense? šŸ˜€

In part 1 of, “Create Your Reality!” I explain all of this and more. I show you how to use your imagination to create the reality you want. I tell you how, “Your Beliefs create your reality.” I illustrate how an idea, which is not tangible, always comes before it manifests in physical form here in non sense determined reality. Hopefully this video will clear some things up for you, open your mind, and free you to create the life for yourself that you want.

In part 2 of, “Create Your Reality!” I go more into depth into the workings of what I shared with you in part 1. I show you the flaws in praying for something and saying things like, “I want…” I teach you how to properly pray whatever you religion. With this video I give you the keys to a door that can literally change your life. But walking up to the door, unlocking it, and stepping through is up to you. Watching the, “Create Your Reality!” videos is your first step.

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