First off let me say I hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving. I also hope nobody got into a fist fight on Black Friday 😀

I am thankful for the experience of this present moment, and a future of infinite possibilities.

OK a few links to begin. Here is the forums I am working on:
Spiritual Explorers Forum

I am now at Twitter under the name DreamBliss_SEF
The SEF stands for (Spiritual Explorer Forums)

I found this cool site and joined up:
Esoteric Online
Whole bunch of good esoteric texts and videos there!

Oh yeah I updated my about me and added a new avatar.

Besides working on the forum I am working on an exercise routine combining the 5 Tibetan Rites with cardio, and perhaps a little Yoga. Fully body cardio is the solution to love handles and a beer belly so I’m starting to do it now.

At the moment I am studying the practice and path of the magician. Not the street magician. I’m nit Criss Angel and I can’t levitate – yet 😀 I am a magician in the same sense that I am a shaman, a Taoist, a Buddhist, a Hindu and a Christian, yet not of these. When it comes down to it each religion, each practice, each one, for my purposes, has a way that they access the power of The Source, to use it to create change. I am simply learning how to change my life and the lives of others in the most positive and effective way possible.

Unfortunately each practice, each religion, has its gods, goddesses, God, angels, demons, archetypes, so on and so forth. To me at this point in my life these are all Tulpas. For me there is one God, The Source, the entity or energy that set the ball rolling, and I make no assumptions as to its existence or not. I’m just cutting out the middle men and literally going straight to the source. If reality is what I believe it to be, then I must change myself, change my beliefs, and then all I have to do is figure out the best way to use the power of The Source to change reality.

Wherever this strange path may lead me I will follow it. I am in the process of casting aside my beliefs and the beliefs of my race. I want no limitations, no filters, and I certainly do not want to give energy to any more Tulpas. Honestly the more I think about the possibility of the sort of God The Source is the more I am impressed. Here is a God that is perfectly fine with letting other gods exist, giving man true free will. Man is allowed to create their own God or gods, as well as their own afterlives. Meanwhile the source of all this waits and watches. It doesn’t even have to do anything because it already gave man all its power. Man in turn created objects of worship who they have that power to. And when man truly feels and believes his God or gods or goddess or whatever will help him, then man’s intention bears fruit, the request is granted, and reality changes.

Will + Belief * Intention = Reality


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