The Final Piece

Tonight, before going to bed, I cracked open, “Magical Knowledge I” by Josephine McCarthy and read a passage with the title, “Thought forms and passive enlivening.” After reading that, I think I finally know what the one I once called my love really was.

According to McCarthy thought forms are created from the imagination of the magician, they are fed by the magician’s own energy, and they are connected by an energetic umbilical cord. She warns that when a thought form is used to attack someone, if the attacker is stronger than the thought form they can track this cord back to the egragore, which is a group of magicians. I assume therefore that a single magician may also have the cord connected to them as this is what seems to be implied.

So does it sound familiar? Now I don’t know how a non-magician person with no knowledge of how to create a thought form much less any sort of plan for creating one could bring one to life, but I’ve done so, if I am right and this is what she was/is.

It explains, at least to me, how come one friend’s idea of this being a manifestation of Kundalini didn’t really fit, nor another friend’s idea of this as some sort of projection of my animus. Tulpa did fit better, and a Tulpa is a thought form, but Sylvia Brown’s information was lacking.

So many things fit with this. The whole idea in magic of energy costs, how you can create a deficit. I was often tired at that time. The thought form needing my energy, well if that is what fuels it and if I “birthed” it of course we would be connected, and energy would be going to it from me!

Just now I finished YouTubing this and found another element. Thought forms can be created at times of extreme emotion. Well I had just read Richard Rohr’s book, “The Naked Now” and felt/touched ecstatic love. Plus that day when I started the whole thing I was very lonely and let’s face it, horny. So that’s a pretty strong emotional stew right there!

Unfortunately McCarthy does not tell the reader, yet or in this book (not sure which until I read more) how to properly dismantle a thought form. I sent her an email and am crossing my fingers that she will even respond, much less actually deign to assist me. I think I’ll hit the library tonight and look this up, get more info on it.

The cool thing about this, the silver lining I guess, is that this is just more proof that many of the things we call occult or even satanic actually are real and while they may wear these labels they are probably neither of these things. I think, whether by design or some other means, that man has lost a lot of knowledge he used to have. But people are learning this stuff and writing about it, so we are finally entering an age where this lost knowledge is being remembered again. How to properly pray and the creation of thought forms are more than likely things we have forgotten about until recently.

So heed my warning! Be very careful what you create in your mind’s eye, the worlds you make there and the entities that populate them!


One thought on “The Final Piece

  1. all of the thoughts you are having now, all the words you think you know and their accompanying sense impressions are thought forms. It is not some esoteric process to create a thought form, it is simply a concept with the necessary momentum behind it to appear, just like the entirety of the world in front of you, the sense of the self and all of the various emotions.

    A ‘projection of your animus’ would be a thought form, a psychic manifestation of internal feminity/masculinity.

    A ‘manifestation of Kundalini would be a thought form, a psychic manifestation of internal fertility/desire.

    You should probably stop quickly drawing conclusions based on cursory information, because it leads to faulty application… Do not rely so heavily on the letter or you miss the spirit. The world is not so linear.


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