I Have Removed Some Posts

Due to a number of factors I have decided to remove several posts from this blog and disapprove of one comment. Essentially it comes down to the fact that I want to touch positive seeds in others and myself. But I can not do so with certain viewpoints, knowledge, feelings, inner knowing – whatever it may be – that I have. I am responsible for how my words and actions affect others. I can not be God’s Hands if I am pushing someone towards any sort of negativity. God, whatever, whoever He is, does not do that, so I can’t do that. I am forced then to keep certain things to myself in order to properly serve others. So be it.

Since I am also, in the midst of all this, trying to live with, “No Attachment, No Aversion” I’m just going to have to let certain things go. Set positive intentions for myself and any family I may be blessed with, but do not become attached to them. It is only through the things we are connected to, our views, our beliefs, whatever it may be, it is only through these things that we can become offended, and only if we choose to be offended. If you have no attachments it is very difficult, of not impossible, to offend you. So this will be my goal in every area of my life.

If I remain attached to anything it will be to touch the positive seeds in others and myself, to set positive intentions for others and myself, and to cultivate positive or null karma in others and myself. To flow in my life’s purpose, being God’s Hands in whatever capacity I can while doing so. But I can’t do any of that if I insist on posting certain things here, so I will now stop.

I guess ultimately it comes down to whether or not you are guided by love in the things you say and do. I have to admit however that I am hurt. This blog was the only place I had to express myself, to publicly say whatever it was I wanted or needed to say. I do not have the power or influence to affect the changes I want. Just my words and this blog. But now, in effect, I don’t even have that. I am forced to remained mute on certain matters that concern me for the benefit of others. Can’t stop caring either, because it all comes back to love.

Well it is what it is. Some things just aren’t going to flow in my life for me to do, or say. I know what sorts of dead ends I can come to if I try to take control. So I just have to let go, move on, and let the current take me where it will.


One thought on “I Have Removed Some Posts

  1. By all means, post your thoughts. However, do expect disagreement.

    I force nothing on you, but if I see you post something which goes against the cultivation of good will for all beings, or loving kindness, i will respond in kind. Being black myself, living in a rural town in the countryside, I encounter prejudice all of the time for what is such a small thing. Before you condemn how others are as wrong, as something easily changeable or as a simple ‘choice’, ask yourself how they would feel being treated in such a way, as though they were an aberration of nature. How would you feel? Don’t censor yourself for the benefit of others – but for your own benefit, change your mind state. how would you feel if someone spoke of you in that way?

    By all means, speak on what concerns you. However, if what you say is concerning to another, you can’t expect them to stay silent. Simply not saying it on the blog doesn’t change the fact that you harbor such a concern, and the energy invested in such thoughts affect the people around you. I’m sure you can agree that silent judgment hurts far more than blatantly stating your opinion. How many times in your life have you felt the weighing eyes of others follow you without a word, bringing you down?

    Don’t be like them, casting stones with their mind toward people on account of differences in the way they live their life.


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