I Have Stopped Growing

I don’t know some clever word for this process. I just had some insights today I wanted to share. It occurred to me that all the saints had to go through a period of time alone. Going up the mountain, out into the wilderness, away. Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, in, “Midnights with the Mystic”, went up into the hills outside of his town. What is this process and why is it necessary for personal and spiritual growth? Well I am not entirely sure, but here’s what I think so far.

Imagine a plant or small shrub. Something that grows and spreads and is ages. Imagine putting this in a pot you feel will be roomy enough, looks roomy enough at the first for the time little plant. Time passes, the plant grows, and before long it becomes apparent that the pot is too small. The plant has to be transferred to another pot, or planted in the ground. If you fail to do so the roots will grow and take up all the room in the soil. The plant will fail to get the nutrients it needs to survive. It’s growth will be stunted, and it will, at best, become some twisted, sickly, stunted thing, and at worst, it will die.

All human children are like that young plant. In their home environment they initially have enough room to learn and grow. They can develop their personalities, gifts, traits, talents, etc., up to a point. But eventually the home environment becomes too small. If they continue to stay there, they, like the plant, will cease to grow and develop. They will either get twisted and sickly (this is what happened to me) or they will die (suicide being one way.)

When I started my process of spiritual growth I spread roots through the soil of my small home environment. I put out new branches and leaves. But now I have reached the extent of the growth I can do here. I feel the calling to leave, to go out on my own. It is time for me to go into the wilderness. Time to leave this limiting environment behind so I can continue to grow. Because for now. I am stalled, unable to go further. I can;t get post certain issues, and I can;t grow spiritually, until I leave. Gain a different perspective, maybe a little room, maybe even some help out there somewhere.

But there is something I feel parents should be made aware of here. It is becoming harder and harder for children to leave home. It is almost impossible now for someone to find a way to pursue their inherent dreams, abilities, talents, gifts, etc. This is on purpose. This is how our society was designed. It has no use for Einsteins and Renoirs. This ties in with my previous post. Our society needs only those who serve it. Mainly we are serving each other. Basically the 99% are required to tend to themselves, and serve the rich in the process.

Take some time to really think about this for a minute. How many people sacrifice their dreams to get a job and start a family? How many of us are in debt, forced to continue to work, to pay the bills? You finish school and are faced with two choices. Get into debt and go to college, with no guarantee that your investment will give you any better job that if you didn’t go, and only a small chance you will ever even graduate. Or you you just get whatever job you can find, and at some point, apply for a loan to get a house or small apartment. Some can bypass these options and join the military. All these serve to get you away from your home environment, so you have the space you need to grow and develop, but all require you to sacrifice your dreams, as well, in most cases, as your talents, skills and abilities. So while you have the needed space you can never use it!

Now what do you do after you get home from a hard day at work? Sit on the couch and watch TV. What do you see on TV? Others, the very small percentage of us that are picked, who seem to be living their dreams. They are actors, singers, entertainers of some sort. You may even know one of them. You tell yourself something like, “at least they got to do that.” The whole point here is to program you with false hope that maybe, someday, you will be one of those lucky few. But 9 times out of 10 you will never become one of them, and you will still swallow this lie your whole life, getting lost in the things you watch on TV. You never think about your situation, and as a result you never grow and develop. You become a trained, manageable houseplant, a useful cog in the machine of society.

But here’s what’s worse… You criticize and condemn those who feel that there is something more to life, including your own children! You are programmed to do so as a matter of fact. You beat and berate your children and others in your sphere of influence until they yield, their spirit broken, and they too end up just like you. You judge the men and women holding up cardboard signs on the signs of the road, or living under bridges. You never realize that they only difference between you and them, in most cases, is that the bottom hasn’t dropped out on your yet. You think you are secure, that being the wage slave you are ensures your life and freedom, but this, like everything else, is a lie. At any time you can be fired, laid off, you family could be killed in some fatal accident, someone could get sick, your debt could raise and you credit cards max out, and sooner or later, you will be living on the side of the road just like those who used to criticize.

Parents please understand this… Just because your dad or mom did it, just because you do it, does not mean that it is right or good for your children to do it! You must aid your kids in leaving the home environment, and unlike 99% of the rest of the parents of America, you must encourage their dreams, skills, talents, abilities, etc. Help them find their way, their place in the world. Their ideal path through life. Save up money for them for college, but don’t save it just for college. Use it for a business investment or whatever else you children need should they decide not to go to college. Break the cycle. Someone has to. Throw the TV out of the house. Limit the time on the internet and in the house. Get them outside, to meet people, to try different activities, to make social connections, to network. Spend this time with them in the present to invest in their future.

DO NOT barrage them with your religion or religious beliefs. Share this with them, but the keyword here is SHARE. Listen to their viewpoints. They may be similar to yours, the same, or completely different. This is OK. They are becoming their own person. They will not be your kids forever, at some point they will have to become adults. Do your best to raise them right, with the values you wish to instill in them, but be prepared to hand over the reigns and let them take control. It is THEIR life, not yours.

Those who founded this country were brilliant men and women. But unfortunately the society they designed makes the majority of its people little more than slaves. We say we are free in America. Are we? What happens to those who speak out against those in positions of power? Can you drive anywhere you want without paying for insurance or gas? Can you cross over into Mexico or Canada without a passport? Can you even head out, as I plan to, on bicycle and support yourself without money? Not really. In our society you have to work to earn money, and you have to do a disparate amount of work compared to the money you receive. Then all the money you do manage to accrue has to go to taxes, bills, car insurance and all the other things that give us this illusion of freedom. But we are not free. Our freedom only lasts as long as our money, once it is gone that is gone too. Of course we could then live off the grid. But then there is no guarantee of our basic needs: food, clothing and shelter. What loving adult would want to do that if they have children?

Think about what I have said. Break the cycle. Realize that you have to leave home to grow and develop as a person, and at any spiritual level. Understand that any children you have will have to do this too. We all have to become our own person outside and away from those who raised us. This is the truth I have realized, that I now share with you.


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