I am standing still,
Unable to move.

I know what I should do,
But I haven’t the strength,
To put one foot in front of the other,
And start walking again.

I am frozen.

A cold wind blows,
It rushes past me.

I am lost in a haze of pain,
My mind is running in circles,
My heart is confused,
I feel your loss in my very essence.

It has left me frozen.

There is no sun here,
On this gray, endless road.

I feel so alone right now,
I want what I thought I had,
You gave life to this ancient machine,
When you left I just shut down.

I am frozen.

It is so still here now,
As silent as a tomb.

I feel cheated and decieved,
I feel betrayed by my heart and mind,
I can not trust myself anymore,
I am broken beyond repair.

It has left me frozen.

Is there any hope for me?
Will I ever move again?

I have suffered pain all my life,
I have been alone most of it,
I am tired of hurting inside,
The task ahead seems insurmountable.

I can not kill myself,
If I could only move,
There is a chance,
I can keep moving.

But it is only a chance,
The only real reason I wait,
Is because its stupid to kill yourself,
When you have not truly experienced.

I do not want to waste my life,
I do not want to hurt anymore,
I do not want to move on,
I do not want to stay here.

So I remain frozen.


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