Well I decided that I did not want to keep an archive of Romance Beyond Reality after all. This post will be the only marker that the blog ever existed. The former home of the YouTube video, “Not Giving Up On Love.”

Had what I once believed to be true actually been true then sharing the experiences would not have been a problem. What care would I have of the thoughts and opinions of those on earth when my focus was on another world entirely?

But what I believed turned out, as far as I have been able to determine, to be false. It is too painful to think about, and I can’t bear to be reminded of those experiences any more.

Also this blog will be detailing my journey down the coast or wherever I go, and it is my intention my parents are able to read it and follow my progress. It will be difficult enough for them and other family members to deal with my spiritual changes and what I perceive of as growth. They simply wouldn’t be able to handle these other things. I realize it is not fair or right to judge what someone could or could not handle. But I err on the side of caution.

So RIP Romance Beyond Reality. All the experiences that were chronicled there. I have archived these posts on the computer, zipped them up, and will lay them to rest on a hard drive. Someday perhaps I will come back to them with greater understanding. I will see them with new, better, different eyes. But for now I can’t bear to look at those words any longer.

Another chapter in the Book of My Life (nod to Sting’s song here) is closed. I will now focus my efforts on the current chapter, the moment by moment experiences of my spiritual progress, or lack thereof, whichever the case may be.

Erasing The Past


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