Time To Get Politcal!

Normally this blog is not about politics or anything to do with the subject. But occasionally action is needed, such as when they tried (and they are still trying) to take over the internet. That’s why there’s a ribbon there at the top right of your screen.

Well we also need to take action against something else, Obamacare. For those who already want to and don’t need to read further, go here:

Or here:

So why is this a problem? Isn’t having health care for everyone a good thing? Well sure it’s a great idea! But requiring it for everyone presents a few problems…

First of all how are people going to pay for it? Most folks are barely able to pay the bills right now. What about people with limited incomes? What about people living off the grid or on the streets?

Secondly Obamacare essentially tells Americans they have to pay for citizenship or be fined. In other words America will no longer be a free country. Don’t we have the right to decide what services we want to pay for? Obamacare violates our right to choose.

Thirdly how is America going to pay for this? Not just what it will take to get this bill running, but also for the extra police hours? Remember, once Obamacare is signed into law you have to have health insurance or be fined.

Now I have no problem with “socialist” systems. College should be free as it is in Sweden. So should health insurance. I would be all for Obamacare if people could choose, without consequence, to have health care or not, and if it provided a free, basic health care for everyone. But it doesn’t and we can’t afford that anymore than we can afford Obamacare.

Right now our country should be focused on paying off its debts and free up the finances for truly good programs. Too many necessary services are unaffordable for most Americans. We should bring the military home, removing this expense, and start cutting any other expenses we can, so we can begin to pay off our debts, and free up funds that can provide necessary services for those who need them, if they choose to accept them, of course.

So let’s stop Obamacare before it becomes law. Use the links provided above to do your part and spread the word! Remember, we are the 99%, we are in control, we just have to remember that and use the power of the majority.


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