Real Life Superheroes

I just watched a 1:30 documentary about real life superheroes. Tonight as I sat down to meditate my mind refused to shut off. I guess I have a lot of thoughts and opinions on this subject.

PLEASE NOTE! I have little real experience to draw from here. Like so many other things I write about some things just seem obvious to me. I will not say I have been given some gift of insight or wisdom – let others decide. I will also not claim that anything I’m about to say has any value or merit. Once again I will let others decide. I will merely go with what I feel, sense, intuit, what feels logical, what my limited experience tells me, and share my thoughts, feelings and beliefs here with you. If there is anything in these words of any truth or value my only hope is that it reaches the right people and affects positive change.

I will start with a confession… While I’m not the sort of person typically projected with these interests I love graphic novels and manga. I love anime. I love a good science fiction or fantasy story. I played Magic The Gathering for a little while – even had a small card collection. I used to be interested in computers and video games, but that interest has been waning. I loved watching the new Avengers movie, love Robert Downy Jr. as Iron Man, and am a huge Batman fan. I might, should I have the money, go to see the new Spiderman movie. I love the animated movies too and was a big fan of some the animated series a decade or so back. Also enjoyed Star Trek, think Prometheus looks cool, and have enjoyed a number of other science fiction films from Inception to The Matrix. Like anyone else immersed in this material, I too have had flights of fancies of dressing up and going out into the world. For me not so much to fight crime but to change things. But my life has, even in just the last year, taken a more spiritual twist.

I was never bullied through school. In fact in grade school I was pretty much one of the cool guys. Girls were all over me. Then I was homeschooled through high school, so I never got a chance to experience that. Went to college for a few years, failed at that. Worked hard all my life, most of my jobs were crap. My parents are loving, still alive, and nothing bad has happened to me or my family to give me that extra push in the superhero direction. In fact my parents are too loving, sheltering even, and I’m about to leave home and strike out on my own. It’s really about time, been about time for a long time.

But I do have one thing in common with, I imagine, most superheroes. I want to change the world. I call it,  “Affect Positive Change.” I see our society as broken, flawed. But as I have become more spiritually developed, I see that violence is not the answer. Nor is hatred, even of those worthy of hate, if anyone could be truly said to be so evil they are worthy of it. In a way I do fight crime in my area, but not by running around the streets in a cape and mask. I meditate, usually twice a day. It is said, and it has been tested and proven. that where people meditate the violence and crime rates go down. I guess it affects the energies of a place. I do also picture energy, coming from the ground, coming from the sky, coming to together, to flow to my family and loved ones and to everyone else where are connected to. I see it transform black tendrils, negative threads connecting people. So that’s what I do, at this time in my life.

It seems to me that if we want to correct the problems of society we have to get to the root. When I was a Christian I would say that this is sin, or Satan. I don’t believe that anymore. No, the root is per individual. What affects the individual affects the group, and ultimately affects society. So we have to deal with the issue firstly on an individual basis. What is the most common cause for negative action in an individual? Well I think first and foremost it is how society has been structured.

We live in a society of haves and have nots. There are people living in mansions in the hills above our cities, and people sleeping under bridges inside them. As long as this is the case there will be a natural friction, sparking negative action. The first thing we have to deal with, I would say, is ensuring that all of everyone’s needs are met, and some of their wants. When we can do this we will remove the friction and begin change. How do we do this?

My guess is we would probably have to throw out capitalism first. We should find a way that everyone is paid properly for their work, and that they and their families receive the proper care. Everyone should earn enough that they can, with their earnings, buy a house, land, and the items they need to live. Our country should be free of debt, we should focus on that, and then each person should be free of debt. All debt, loans, etc, should also be thrown out. Prices need to be set reasonably.

We need to cut away the fat. CEO’s of large corporations should not earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year sitting around doing nothing, while high school graduates are holding down two jobs, working 14 hours or more a day, for minimum wage. A balance must be set.

Really we should throw out currency, to be honest. Envision with me, if you will, a society like this. Everyone contributes in whatever way best fits them. Some may contribute as police men and women. Some may contribute as artists. Some may contribute as teachers. No contribution should be treated as of greater or lesser value. All that matters is that you contribute. In return you earn your house, your land, your needs and your wants.

One of the main problems in our society is that the most valuable and menial jobs pay the least, while the least valuable and most worthless jobs pay the most. It’s backwards. If anyone should be earning 100k a year it’s the janitor that cleans the restrooms! Our whole society, it’s focus, seems to be on all of us, from police officers to hamburger flippers, serving and cleaning up after each other and the 1%. The 1% sit back and enjoy life while the rest of us struggle through it.

No, addressing capitalism and this, its byproduct, is where we have to start. It is the root, the source. The 1% have us fighting amongst each other, ignoring them. Robin Hood, perhaps the first superhero, had it right. Take from the rich, or more specifically, those who have more then they need, and give it to the poor, or more specifically, those who have less than they need. Create balance. The trouble is the police do not work for the 99%, even though they are one of us. They work for the 1%, which further contributes to our problems. It is those in power, and those in power typically are those with money, who control our police officers and armed forces. It’s too bad the police don’t realize this. In just doing their jobs, or because they fear loosing their job, they go out and put down anyone who protests. I praise any cops who call in sick on any day they are called into to riot duty!

I will talk more about the police soon, but let’s discuss the other part of this. The individual. Each person has inner issues they have to deal with. Outer change begins with inner change. Jesus said, “Wash the inside of the cup first.” The abusive husband, the verbally abusive mother, the suicidal teenager. Nobody can force anyone to change, which is another reason why both superheroes and the police are so ineffective. Each person must learn to face their own inner issues and deal with them. Failure to do so may manifest in negative action, either from them or those close to them. The police officer father who comes home, drinks, and beats on his child will more then likely create another police officer father who comes homes, drinks, and beats on his child. Abuse propagates abuse, and among other things creates psychopaths, sexual predators of all sorts, and sexual deviants. I classify the members of the LGBT community as sexual deviants. All products of the source issue in our society. Even our real life superheroes are a byproduct of the source issue in our society. They wouldn’t exist if the issue didn’t exist.

So let’s talk about the police, shall we? First off that lady officer from San Diego, telling us that, “the police uniform gives people confidence…” Well that’s a complete and utter load of crap, along with most of the rest of what she said. I have never had any confidence in the police. Their uniform is meant to do two main things:

1. Separate the police from those they serve and protect.
2. Inspire fear under the guise of professionalism.

With the exception of undercover units, the police uniform and the police vehicle are made to stand out. That’s it. But this is not really the issue with the police. The main issue here is that, because they are paid so little (if a janitor should earn 100k, they should earn twice that), they are corruptible. Unlike the majority of superheroes, who aren’t doing this for the money, the police have to struggle with providing for the needs of themselves and their families like everyone else, and the smart criminal can provide for those needs. That’s the other issue with the police. The smart criminal knows their routines, their procedures, the laws the officer has to work under, and can easily avoid the police. That’s why superheroes are vital, not only are they incorruptible as a general rule (because of the circumstances of their lives they have strong inner motivations and drives to help others which the average police officer does not), they don’t have a rule book that criminals can memorize. They can do things the police can’t, like entrapment, and stop the worse offenders. The truly wealthy, bad, and smart criminal is untouchable by the police. From the those doing white collar investment fraud to the criminal organizations, they are, for the most part, beyond the police officer’s reach. Why? Because those with money have power, have influence, have connections, and even if the police manage to take 1 or 2 down a year, the main offenders will remain in power, protected by their wealth. The only people who can topple these members of the 1% are superheroes!

Another issue with the police is that they either have the tendency to be lazy, when they can’t afford to be, or there are not enough of them. Case in point… At the end of 2008 someone stole my car from an apartment complex, where there had to have been numerous witnesses. I reported it, eventually was told it was rolled over and totaled in Texas, and I thought that was it. It wasn’t. It had never been in Texas and somehow they had the VIN confused. In actuality it had been driven to a private towing yard in a nearby city, and then had been towed to a local towing yard blocks away from where I lived. I had moved out of town. But my car sat there, for months, two streets from the main drag. The cops never found it. I doubt they were even looking for it. Certainly I never heard of anyone going door to door, talking to witnesses. Nobody could have called the towing yards, or they would have found my car. Worse nobody investigated the towing yards! I’m not even a cop, but the towing yards are one of the first places I would have looked for months until the case was closed.

One last thing about the police… They enforce stupid laws that should not exist. Really. There are laws against panhandling, vagrancy, and a host of other rules that cops must enforce, but in so doing are also doing the one thing they shouldn’t, violate an individual’s rights. The thing that lady kept touting. The 1% made those laws, and those of the 99% are the ones negatively impacted. They are also those who have to enforce them. We never voted for these rules, we trusted that those we elected into positions of power over us had our interests at heart, but they didn’t. So this is another reason we need real life superheroes. They could care less about these stupid, meaningless laws. They are out there, stopping drug dealers, violent offenders, rapes, muggings, and all the things cops should themselves be focusing their efforts on. But our real life superheroes need to do more.

They need to get smart, get to know the law as well as the cops and criminals, get better trained, get organized, and start working to topple the criminals in power. Stop messing around patrolling the streets and start taking down the criminals in the 1%. I would advise, when they do so, they they take that money, the large amounts of cash the crime syndicates are hoarding, the piles of cash the rich and corrupt are sitting on, and spread that out to those who really need it. Not the folks living on the street. No. The families who are loosing their homes, those with medical bills the insurance companies won’t help pay, those with real need.

These are people who, more than likely, have been working. They will continue to work to provide for their families. The money will not help those on the streets, because some have actually chosen to live there and some can’t function anywhere else. Inner change is needed so that these people will work to support themselves and their families. In the cases of whole families on the streets because thy lost their house, or the main provider lost his or her job, a house and a job are the needs that should be met. In other words, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. But teach him to fish…” Handing someone on the street a wad of cash is a bad idea if they are only going to go spend it in booze or drugs. The cash seized has to be vary carefully used in the best form for each individual or family for which it is intended.

Ideally a way should be found to work anonymously, behind the scenes. Make the bills for those who need help just disappear. Probably the superheroes will have to get those with good, positive intentions to help them legally and in the business world. Get them the connections the wealthy so often tap into. Start to affect change there, behind the scenes, and begin to deal with the damage of the main issue of our society. But understand, this will only address the symptoms, not the cause. To truly affect change we, the 99%, will have to take over this country, call our troops back from foreign shores, start cutting out the fat, pay off this country’s debts and take away the power and control from the corporations and those who run them, the engine that powers the 1%. School college, basic insurance, comprehensive health care and spiritual counseling (helping the individual see the things in themselves they need to address) should all be provided for free equally to everyone. Paychecks should be decreased or increased based on a person’s actual work and contribution to society. Then perhaps, someday, we can get rid of the need for money.

As for me, if I ever become a crime fighter, I picture myself in black monk’s robes, chain mail with a thin layer of rubber on the inside underneath for armor, a simple hood and eye mask for the head and face, some sort of strong, tough yet flexible material for boots on my feet (a warrior should feel the ground they are standing on), black metal armor for my upper and lower legs, as well as my upper and lower arms, the same thin, tough material for gloves for my hands, and a lot of training, starting with some Krav Maga (best for fighting armed opponents.) But for now I meditate. I write. I try to open people’s minds. I try to be God’s Hands, touching the positive seeds in myself and others. If someone is ready to address internal issues, if I am able to help them, then I want to be there for them. Ultimately I want to contribute to this world in whatever unique way in which I can, using the abilities and gifts I was given. My advice to those who want to change the world, change our society, would be that they do the same.

Ultimately real change in our world can not be forced, because it requires change in individuals that can also not be forced. Violence can only be used to address the symptoms, not the cause. Change will never come with violence, it can only come with transformation. Transformation can only come with understanding and compassion, in other words, love. You can not banish thoughts by locking them away. This is the first lesson you learn when you begin to meditate. So you will not stop evil by focusing on it, because that only gives it more power. The key is to transform evil. Remove the negative energy that makes it evil by transforming it with positive energy. Focus on the present moment and that which is positive. Energy can not be destroyed, it can only change form. Find a way to transform the negative seeds in the individual, and you will begin to transform the negative seeds in the group, in the society, and ultimately in the world. How do you do it? Simple. You touch the positive seeds in the individual by addressing first their inner, then their outer needs. This is where the transformation of the world begins.

For the record I fully and openly support our real life superheroes, the truly honest and good police officers, and all those who are serving others in whatever capacity they can. As the 99%, we have the numbers, and ultimately the real power. But only when we are united together against those who would have us fighting each other. So every one of us that is out there, serving others in whatever way we can, is helping to unite us and make us stronger.

To change that which is external, we must first change that which is internal. That which is external is symptomatic of that which is internal. Once the internal is changed, the external will change.

Change will come.


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