You Define Your Reality

I decided to honor my ability this afternoon and write a thought that re-occurred to me based on current circumstances in my life.

We honor our talents simply by using them – doing whatever it is we have a knack at doing. When we stop doing these things that talent gets weaker, like a muscle that is little used. I had stopped writing insightful posts here, even though I had two good subjects to talk about over the last few months. Other things got in the way. Today I’m about to take advantage of the weather and get some yard work done. But I decided to stop and spend some time here first.

To use that ability you have you simply need to turn it on, like a faucet. This works especially well with creative activities. As a songwriter do you know how I get songs to come to me? I write down whatever verses fly into my head during the day. As a writer I detail any story ideas. As a dreamer I faithfully record my dreams. As a melody composer I hum tunes into a recorder. Get the idea? Now on to our main subject…

You Define Your Reality. This is not a new age concept, and it’s also the most dangerous concept to anyone with aims to control you in any capacity. This rule, and that is how we will refer to it from now on, is as old as time itself. The Toltecs of ancient times used what we call, “The Power of Intention” and that is an extension of this rule. This is how God created everything, and it is something He has given to each and every human being. It is also something that we tend to ignore, shy away from due to religious constraints, or simply remain ignorant about.

To bring this rule home to you I will use a personal, real life example. My grandmother has cancer, in her stomach, more specifically in her colon. I have been living with her for the last 4 years so I have gotten to know her habits, her mindset, the things she says, all the indicators I need to make a hypothesis.

My grandma has, as long as I have known her, always complained about the things she can’t eat. She has only upper dentures, refuses to get the lowers put in, and as time has passed it has gotten much worse. I am not the only one who sees this, so do my parents, and even grandma has been caught more than once remembering how, “Pa used to be that way.” Pa is her affectionate term for my grandfather, her husband, who passed away a few years ago.

Other things I frequently hear from her are, “I didn’t get much good out of that…” “I just can’t chew it…” “It’s just too hard to chew…” “It’s too dry…” etc. Do you get the point yet? Do you see where I am going?

My grandmother’s negative focus is on, ultimately, her stomach. What she can or can’t get into it, what was good or bad for her to eat. My hypothesis is simply this… That negative focus created the reality of the cancer she is now dealing with. She has already been in surgery for it once, now she’s going to have to go back under the knife and get more cut out.

I try to tell her, gently, to be thankful, to stop her negative focus. Honestly I should try harder. But so far she has not completely changed. I think there has been some change in her, it seems as if the complaints have grown less and less since her first operation, but they have not completely stopped yet.

Now I could use more examples, draw some from my own life, but let’s not get lost in words here. Simply… You Define Your Reality. Not only that, but you, in some way or other, also define the realities of others, and they help to define your reality by what you allow in from whatever they say. That is why we have to be so very careful when speaking of others, to others, about others, and thinking of them as well. If you tell your very pregnant and sweaty wife that she is gorgeous, and not only this but truly mean it, feel it, and believe it without doubt, then she will look gorgeous to you and herself. After the children are delivered she will heal and become what you have told her she is. On the other end of the scale if you tell your teenage son who you don’t understand, who dresses like a Goth and has more metal in his skin than you have in your car, that he is worthless, stupid, will never make anything of himself, etc. more than likely this is exactly what will happen.

In the case of your pregnant wife or teenage son the determining factor is how much weight your words, thoughts and beliefs have on them. The very pregnant wife could doubt you, tell herself she is fat and ugly, believe that, and she will become that. The teenage son could tell himself that he is worth something, that he will accomplish whatever dream he has, and he could become the exact opposite of what you said. You have no control over this, because each person defines their own reality.

What you believe, do and say towards anyone else on earth will be a part of their defining processes. Remember this, and choose your actions, thoughts and words wisely!


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