The Full Implications of the Empty Tomb

I just spent about 5 minutes reading the accounts, from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, of Jesus’s resurrection. In the last three the stone was already rolled away. In one a man dressed in white, later to be revealed as an angel is sitting inside. In another two men are sitting outside the tomb, and in Matthew an angel comes down and rolls the stone away.

In each of this a piece of the story is revealed. Jesus is not there. The garments are, but His body is not inside. For some reason the headpiece has been carefully set aside. But, no matter how you look at it, “…the stone was very great…” If even Jesus woke up, was not really dead, there is no way He could leave the tomb as a human being, using His body as a normal human would.

For those of us who subscribe to Christian beliefs we believe Jesus actually left the tomb, that He did die, and on the third day was raised up. But here in this story is something that few Christians, if any, take any notice of.

Jesus did not have an Out of Body Experience, Near Death Experience, and He did not Astrally Project. His entire body left the tomb, through solid rock. Not just that, but we read later how He went down somewhere, there is some debate as to where He went, and He freed some captives. What we can ascertain from this is that Jesus physically left our reality!

If you can wrap your mind around that congratulations, that was the warm up stretch to open your mind. Now comes the hard stuff. Jesus’s body was, maybe even is (He may still retain His human form) the exact same as ours! It was no more or less human and physical than ours. Jesus had to tend to it just as we tend to ours. His body had no more capacity to heal the sick, walk through solid matter, walk on water, and do everything else it did than ours. The Bible is very clear about Jesus’s human body and form.

So everything Jesus did we can do! If we somehow figure out how Jesus did what He did in His body, if we understand our bodies as well as He knew His, then we should be able to do some of the same things He did. Much of it had to be done with the power of His Father. Faith, Belief, Trust. We see the disciples doing much of what Jesus did, serving as God’s Hands in that way. So at the very least we know we can do what they did if we allow God to use us as He used them.

For me this has a special meaning. It means that our physical forms are not limited to this reality. Indeed we see this too in the transported disciple in the New Testament. He was in one place, then we was somewhere else entirely. All done by God, acting in a more obvious way than He chooses to now. But it also means that the ability is there, in all of us, to walk on water, travel beyond the borders of this reality, and even transport to distant locations. We just have to figure out how.

You may argue that only God could do that with someone. I would question that belief. It seems to me that God has a tendency to use what is already there, what He already included in His original design of the human body. Jesus, the disciples – their physical bodies already had everything in their makeup to allow them to do what they did. God simply became the power supply, directing them in their capacity as His Hands. If this is true, then all we need is to figure out how to do this ourselves.

Well that is my belief anyhow. Not trying to exclude God from the equation or anything. He created and designed our physical forms, so we are still ultimately relying on Him when we use them. I’m just thinking about our human potential, how it is much greater than most of us ever consider. The things we can do with our bodies are so far beyond what we know or can even imagine! It’s like we understand the basic mechanics of operating the organic machine we experience this life in, but there are whole rows and sections of buttons and dials that few of us ever even look at, much less use.

Truly we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and Jesus added the exclamation point to that statement with His resurrection and return from the dead! Try this idea on for size… Jesus showed us that the human form does not necessarily have to be limited by death! Not just once, but twice (Lazarus)!

Well if you made it this far your mind is now open. You now realize that there are absolutely  no limits to how you can serve as God’s Hands out there in the world!


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