We are God’s Hands!

The idea for this post came to me last night, but unfortunately my hands have not been acting like God’s Hands since that time, so this will be hard to write. I am about to tell you that you need to be something that I have, so far, failed to properly be. Nevertheless I believe that this is the truth, and as such it should be shared.

In the Old Testament the Jewish people actually saw God, or rather His signs, in a very real and physical way. The burning bush. The wind with the voices. The pillar of fire. Daniel and his friends in the lion’s den. In the Old Testament God was a very active and visible force in the world.

Not so much now. God has, for reasons of His own, moved behind the curtains. Now we have to take His presence, even His very existence, on faith. This is hard for us because sometimes circumstances in our lives require some sort of justification for all our faith, devotion and love. Or at least they seem to. We lay down on our faces before God in prayer and He seems to be deaf to our pleadings.

God may have moved into a less visible way of interacting with us, but He is still there. He is there in you and me, in everyone around you. I don’t know that I accept the idea that we are all God inside, as some teachings instruct. But I can accept the idea that our inner selves, our souls, have a piece of God in them. That, I believe, is what gives us life. Without the soul the body is dead. It is a machine without an operator. Time will tell if this is true.

If a part of God is in us then we are connected to God at an inner level, and to each other the same way. This deeper, intangible, energetic area is where God lives, breathes and moves among us.

In order for God to have an effect physically on our world, He needs physical feet to carry His answer, His message. He needs physical hands to do his work. In short God needs you. Regardless of your faith and who or what you believe God to be, in the end He is unlikely to show up in a burning bush, pillar of fire, flaming chariot, or anything else. Instead God will be using your body. You are His vessel, His emissary, His representative on earth, no matter what religion you subscribe to.

So we have to be God’s hands to each other. Right now I am brokenhearted and suffering. I am in a lot of pain. I have cried and pleaded to God to help me, comfort me, give me something. I have, yet again, considered suicide, then rejected it. I have made stupid decisions and paid the costs and consequences all my life, and killing myself will undoubtedly carry a high price. For all I know reincarnation is real and I am here now, suffering, because I have been here before, but before I killed myself. I am even now suffering the costs and consequences that I made in a previous life. This is a distinct possibility.

The reason God has not answered my prayers? The reason God has not comforted me or done anything? Because, by His own choice, He can’t. He can’t interfere with free will, and He chooses to remain in the background. Someone out there was supposed to be God’s Hands for me at this time in my life. A teacher who has ignored a calling. A guru who is caught up in other affairs and ignore the need calling him to me. A guide who has not found me yet. A Christian brother or sister, or maybe even elder, who has not come and talked to me even though they feel they should. Someone dropped the ball, and because they did I suffer. What does this mean?

It means that I too am God’s Hands to someone else. Not too long ago I went on  bike ride. I do not share this story to boast. I chose one of a number of routes at a certain time, and my route put me right across from someone on a motorbike going the other way. They went into the ditch. Now I can’t claim to know what would have happened had I not been there. But the fact remains I was there, and without hesitation I served as God’s Hands. I helped the guy get out, after checking he was OK. Someone driving by kept the traffic from us on the busy road from that side. Someone else on the other came later and protected us there. The man and I struggled and got his bike on the road. His seat had come off apparently. He was on a road where he would soon have been at high speeds. The seat coming off then, instead of at this corner, would have had a high possibility of killing him.

This is an example of someone serving as God’s Hands. I seek no credit here and I do not boast. I simply did what was needed. This is really all it takes to serve as God’s Hands. You follow the urge, hunch, still small voice, feeling, whatever. If you jog around a certain road at a certain time but are delayed, go out and jog when you can anyhow. You may have just been given an opportunity to be God’s Hands. This is just one example of a myriad I could think of.

As I thought about this last night I realized that I wanted to be sure that I was God’s Hands for whoever He needed me to be. I do not want anyone else to suffer as I have because someone did not allow God to use them. I have decided to add this to my affirmations. Well after today I was thinking about not doing that, but now writing this I feel the conviction to again.

Listen to your heart, your hunches, your feelings. Follow the flow of your life, stop resisting and trying to force your way. This will make you available to God to use as His Hands, and by being open in this way you will have a positive effect and change within this world.


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